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Li’l Quinquin Review – Who Stuffed the White Woman inside the Cow’s Ass?

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Jan 142015
Li'l Quinquin Review - Who Stuffed the White Woman inside the Cow's Ass?

At first, the county police officers in the French countryside think the murdered woman was stuffed inside the bovine’s stomach through its anus. Soon another dead cow surfaces on the beach with blood oozing out of its anus. This time a Black construction worker’s body parts are found inside its belly. Life goes on in the small village near Boulogne-sur-Mer in Northern France. Apart from the weird funeral ceremony at the church for poor Mrs.Lebleu, the horrific crimes don’t seem to make any difference. All seems normal. In the picturesque countryside strewn with World War 2 era bunkers, decades-old grenades […]

The Band’s Visit – Delicious

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Jan 052015

Life’s charms, and by extension a movie’s, lie to some degree in the normal unexpected. Now by normal unexpected, I mean events that disturb the stable rhythm of life without triggering catastrophic consequences. These unanticipated events, often striking at most inopportune moments, create discomfort but also add zing to what’d otherwise be a banal birth-to-death tedium for most of us. The Band’s Visit (2007) exemplifies the charms of the normal unexpected when an Egyptian police band takes the wrong bus after arriving in Israel. Absence of the P sound in Arabic is what triggers the miscommunication at the airport, leading […]

The Suspect Review – Korean Bourne Thrills

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Dec 032014

On rainy wintry days, nothing like a shot of brandy and a good action-packed Korean film to rouse me from my torpor. It must be a blessed stroke of luck that dropped the Korean film Yong-eui-ja (aka The Suspect, 2013) DVD into my hands yesterday. Gave me the adrenalin jolt I so desperately craved. Korean Bourne The Suspect follows along the lines of earlier Korean hits like Berlin File and Yellow Sea in delivering a fast-paced, slick, tension-filled thriller with a solid actor helming the stunt scenes. Set within the framework of brutal killings, torture, vengeance, betrayals, demonic greed, North […]

The Great Beauty Review – True to its Name

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Nov 252014

Just back from India. I had the most amazing dysentery. – A young woman in The Great Beauty How do you describe something for which there’s no frame of reference in the cinematic universe. I watched the 2013 Italian film The Great Beauty (La grande bellezza) the other night. Bulging eyes, dropping jaws, utter rapture! Never have I felt so fulfilled. Not even when impaled on the sword of lust has such an electric thrill coursed through me. 😉 The Great Beauty is everything I long for in a movie (but alas seldom get) – Novelty, bewitching visual appeal, terrific […]

Meet Sergei Loznitsa – The Not Rohit Shetty

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Aug 212014

Each time I watch a Bollywood movie, an urgent need to rinse my mouth with two good foreign films overwhelms me. Having recently inflicted upon myself the masochistic trauma of sitting through Ajay Devgan’s latest emetic Singham Returns, I was besides myself in agony. How in Heaven’s name can this Rohit Shetty mis-directed turdpile Singham Returns even be called a movie except by a large pack of Neanderthals for whom the sight of one adult ape battering another’s skull is a trigger for screaming howls of ecstasy (yielding Rs 100-crore to the producers in five days). So as a purgatory […]

Freier Fall – Not in Brokeback Class

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Jul 212014

Thanks to Brokeback Mountain (2005), depictions of sexual and romantic relationships between macho adult men is no longer a novelty on the big screen. Or as some angry grandmas in America would complain, gay porn went mainstream in 2005. 😉 Ang Lee explored the doomed relationship between two cowboys so beautifully that no one was surprised when Brokeback Mountain picked up multiple Oscars and Golden Globes in 2006. Since Freier Fall (German, 2013) has been touted as the “German answer to Brokeback Mountain,” comparisons between the two films are inevitable. Freier Fall While German film Freier Fall (English title: Free […]