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Dadar Train Station, Mumbai
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Dadar Railway Station, Mumbai (Photo - November 2004)

Dadar, the most crowded railway station on the Mumbai suburban railway, is divided into Dadar East and Dadar West by the railway line.

Dadar East is also referred as Dadar Central as it lies along the Central Railway Line. Dadar East was also called Dadar T.T as it housed the Dadar Tram Terminus. Dadar Tram Terminus, however, was closed along with the tram network.

Dadar West referred as Dadar B.B lies along western railway line and was a part of the Bombay & Baroda railroad.

Six miles from Craswford market, Dadar also has a huge playground - Shivaji Park - which has been the home to few of the best cricket players in the world like Sachin Tendulkar.

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