Soju + Korean Soap + Gota + Bisi Bele Bath

As my faithful readers know, I’m addicted to all things Korean. Korean Drink Soju at a Liquor Store in the U.S. I love Korean Movies. I’m so addicted to Korean TV programs that I’ll even stoop to watching romantic soaps on The sight of those fair-skinned, tiny-titted, slim Korean babes saying Komasmita (thank you) […]

Eggnog Tequila – Divine Holiday Cocktail

Man, it’s been a while, a long while since SI talked up a good, heady cocktail for you guys. Since it’s the Holiday season what better cocktail to make, drink and discuss than one that includes Eggnog as its foundation layer. What’s Eggnog? Eggnog is a creamy delight made with milk and/or cream, sugar and […]

Cheesecake Factory – Go for the Ultimate Margarita

To all those who delude themselves that the Original Cheesecake is the only reason to visit the Cheesecake Factory, I say, schmucks, have you tried the Ultimate Margarita. The place offers three varieties of Margarita but since I was in a mood to get slightly high I picked the Ultimate Margarita. A wise decision in […]

SI’s Friday Dinner – Pizza & Chocolate-Gin

Most days, by evening my decrepit body is ready to give away. But on Fridays, I hit bottom by late afternoon. It’s just pizza for dinner and endless glasses of Chocolate Soymilk-Gin cocktail (Silk Chocolate Soymilk and Gilbey’s Gin). Yes, I sip my Chocolate-Gin cocktail with a straw. You got a problem with that? 🙁 […]

Kingfisher Beer – Down Memory Lane

Back in the ol’ days, Kingfisher was the beer we quaffed the most. Yeah, us and a few hundred million other denizens of Mera Bharat Mahaan aka Incredible India. We can’t think of an Indian bar or liquor store that did not carry Kingfisher beer then. The tall dark Kingfisher bottles were ubiquitous. Indian Beer […]

Beck’s Beer Review – Definitely Not Urine

Oh no, Beck’s is not our favorite beer. But then it’s not on our hated list either. We’ve been quaffing Beck’s on and off for over a decade. So, what have we to say about Beck’s after all these years and all those bottles? Not much to complain and not much to cheer either. As […]

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