Hey, Look Who’s Not Impressed

Folks, the below classic picture is the real deal. Not one of those photoshopped thingies floating around the net. If 2012 has not been a complete annus horribilis for me, it’s because the Republican scumbag Mitt Romney lost and Barack Obama won! I was pretty amused to see Obama mimicking gymnast McKayla Maroney’s famous ‘Not […]

Spain Takes Cup in Ho-Hum Final

After a gap of a few decades, we watched the Football World Cup final. It was Spain vs Netherlands. Spain took the cup in the second 15-minute overtime but the match itself wasn’t very exciting. Rather ho-hum.

U.S. Soccer has an Inferiority Complex – Sunil Gulati

Well, well, who’d have thought this. An Indian-born Columbia University economist as president of the United States Soccer Federation. Born in Allahabad, Sunil Gulati grew up in Nebraska, studied at Columbia, worked at the World Bank and is now president of the United States Soccer Federation. Oh, our desi also teaches at Columbia. Interesting, na? […]

Indian P*ssies Booted Out of ICC Champions

Now, don’t tell us you are surprised? Because we are not. These are good-for-nothing boobies who are guaranteed to bring home nothing but the booby prize. So what if they won the match against the West Indies. It doesn’t matter because the clowns are heading back to that gigantic slum.