Indian Asses get Warm Welcome at Sheraton

Holy Crap! Who’d have thought Indian asses would get such a warm, fuzzy welcome from an American hotel chain! Times sure have changed! Don’t get me wrong now. By asses, I don’t mean those poor quadrupeds that bray and trot uneasily beneath their heavy burden. I mean the literal brown asses of my fellow brown-skinned […]

5 Hours in DC for a Desi

So you are a desi with just five hours to poke around Washington DC before heading back to Palookaville. Excuse me, I borrowed Palookaville from Marlon Brando who used the word in one of the most famous scenes in motion picture history. Let’s get back to DC, shall we, and leave Brando and On The […]

Qatar Airways Launches Online Global Sale

Qatar Airways, ranked the world’s best airline by Skytrax for two years in a row, has rolled out a worldwide 3-day sale. The sale, which starts today and ends at midnight September 6 (local time in every market), brings reduced fares to destinations in India, Middle East and other parts of Asia, Africa and Australia. […]

A Trip to the Emerald Isle

by SI Blog Reader AC The wife and I just got back from an exhilarating 10 day trip to Ireland. Unlike our previous holidays together, we decided to not stay in any place for too long and to just drive around the island. Moving in a clockwise direction, we visited Dublin, Waterford, Dingle, Galway, Belfast […]

India Very High Risk Nation for Delhi Belly

You schmucks can scream Mera Bharat Mahaan and India Shining till you are hoarse but India stands tall on the global stage only for all the wrong things. Like for instance, travel diarrhea, rape, frequent random violence, treatment of minorities, extra-judicial murders by the police (encounters) et al. In this post, we intend to examine […]

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