Shocking! No Shootings at US Schools, Colleges and Universities Today

Shocking! No Shootings at US Schools, Colleges and Universities Today

In a bizarre (non)incident sending shock waves across America, no shootings were reported on campuses and no one was killed, maimed or injured at US kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities today as active and passive shooters remained AWOL. Emergency rooms at US hospitals remained as deserted as in the recent Korean corrupt doctors TV series […]

Who is Eric Garner?

Update (Dec.3, 2014) – No Charges Against Eric Garner’s Killer They (NYPD) harassed him until they killed him. – Esaw Garner on the Murder of her Husband Eric Garner by the NYPD Thursday in Staten Island First and foremost, Eric Garner is an American tragedy! No, a human tragedy! No man deserves to die the […]

Murder Most Foul – NYPD Kills Eric Garner

New York Police Department officers murdered Eric Garner, a 400-pound unarmed, asthmatic black man, by choking him to death in broad daylight Thursday. Eric Garner was not threatening the police or posing any kind of danger to the cops. The murder happened in the Tompkinsville neighborhood of Staten Island. I Can’t Breathe In the above […]

How NSA Buggered India

Not a day passes that I don’t hear of Mera Bharat Mahaan getting shafted by someone or the other. I just completed Glenn Greenwald’s No Place to Hide, the new book on Edward Snowden and the massive spying apparatus built by the U.S. spy outfit National Security Agency (NSA) in my adopted homeland Amreeka and […]

So You Think Only Indians are Weird Bastards

(Image Courtesy: To all those who think only Indians are a bunch of weird bastards for screwing buffaloes, I have news for you. True, Indians are a weird bunch of sick *%$)#$*#. But there are other weird bastards in the world who are equally notorious! Really! People in my neighboring state New Jersey so […]

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