Confirmed! NYC Cops Hate Blacks, Hispanics

A ruling by federal judge today confirmed what millions of colored people who live in or visit the Big Apple have long suspected – New York City cops are racists who loath Blacks and Hispanics. In her 195-page ruling, federal Judge Shira A. Scheindlin found that New York City Police Department engaged in unconstitutional behavior […]

Eating Kai Kra Prow to Charge My iPhone

Many winters ago, I purchased Samosas at an Indian grocery store in New York for 75 cents. On my way back home, it struck me that I did not have a microwave to heat my Samosas. So I made a detour to the mall and picked up an LG microwave for $75 so that my […]

I Hate Hindus, Says NYC Whacko Killer

Indian immigrant Sunando Sen’s alleged killer Erika Menendez is one big whacko and a Hindu hater. Erika Mendendez – Whacko Erika – Total Whacko The 31-year-old NYC Hispanic woman from Rego Park, Queens NYC, who allegedly murdered Sunando Sen Thursday evening by pushing him in front of the train at a Sunnyside Queens station, is […]