NYC Whacko Murders Indian by Pushing Him in Front of a Train in Queens

I Hate Hindus, Says NYC Whacko Hindu Killer

These are not good times for Indians.

Two innocent Indians have died within 24-hours – Delhi rape victim in Singapore and an Indian immigrant in New York City.

Indian immigrant Sunando Sen died instantly after a crazy woman pushed him in front of a train Thursday evening at a train station in Queens, NYC.

Sunando, who was 46, lived in Woodside, Queens.

He was single and left behind no family members.

Sunando suffered severe injuries to his head as the massive train smashed into his small, helpless body.

After he was hit by the first car, Sunando’s body was trapped under the second compartment.

It took several hours for emergency personnel to extricate his body from under the train.

After pushing him in front of the train, Sunando’s killer escaped.

A reward of $12,000 has been announced for information leading to her arrest.

Update: Hindu hater Erika Menendez, a 31-year-old Hispanic woman, has been arrested in connection with Sunando’s murder.

Sunando Sen Pushed Under a NYC TrainSunando Sen – Unfortunate Indian Immigrant
(photo courtesy: NY Daily News)

Sunando Sen – Kolkata Native

Like so many immigrants, Sunando came to America with big hopes and mega dreams.

Sunando arrived in NYC from Kolkata in the 1990s and had lived in America for over 20 years.

After years of struggle, Sunando recently opened his own business called Amsterdam Copy & Graphics on Amsterdam Avenue, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

But all his dreams died in just a few seconds as a Hispanic woman shoved Sunando in the path of the # 7 train at the 40th Street-Lowery Street subway station in Sunnyside.

Sunando’s friends described him as a gentle person who relaxed by watching YouTube videos and listening to Indian classical music.

Sunando Sen Killed by # 7 Train in NYCPicture of a # 7 Train in Queens, NYC
(Not the one that killed Sunando Sen)

Warning to Indians

Sunando is the second person to be killed after being pushed under a NYC train in December. The other innocent victim was a Korean immigrant Ki Suk Han.

If you’re visiting New York City, be extremely careful since there are too many nut cases roaming the streets and train stations of the city.

Make sure, you stand on the platform far behind the tracks and regard everyone around you as a potential shover whose thrill of the day will lie in pushing you under the train.

Keep in mind that NYC, like a lot of other American cities, has drastically cut back mental health services for whackos.

These nut-cases receive no mental health services and are now a serious threat to the public.

If you’re a tourist and can afford it, take a cab. Your life is worth the extra cash.

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I Hate Hindus, Says NYC Whacko Hindu Killer

2 Responses to "NYC Whacko Murders Indian by Pushing Him in Front of a Train in Queens"

  1. tiramisu   December 29, 2012 at 12:18 am

    This is disturbing.

    Many stations outside of midtown are pretty deserted during non-peak hours.

    It is not unusual to see crazy characters indulging in antics, which I considered benign, not anymore.

    Now we have to deal with the risk of one of those loonies going berserk when the train is pulling in. It is high time that they do something to deal with the mentally unbalanced to avoid these train shoving or shooting incidents.

    Come to think of it, this could happen in any station, crowded or not.

    I hope some smart minds are looking into this incident and are thinking about some kind of automatic braking system. Though it may not have helped in this case, the previous case could have benefited from such a system.

    If Mercedes Benz can engineer a self braking anti-collision system, I am sure they can figure something out for a subway train. Responds:

    1. As early as the mid-1990s, the Singapore subway system had a glass door on the platform that prevented people waiting on the platform from falling on to the tracks!

    I was in NYC on Tuesday and was very wary on the platform, both in Manhattan and in Jackson Heights (Queens), because of the Korean guy’s murder earlier this month!

    2. Most NYC subway stations stink of piss!

    Day by day, the U.S. is falling behind on basic infrastructure.

    Just the other day, China launched a 300 km/h (186mph) train and our Acela is still struggling to get from NYC to DC in 3 hours (226-miles). Other Amtrak trains are slower still.

  2. kage_11   December 29, 2012 at 7:14 am

    This trend is really disturbing. So many nutcases in America??

    Is psychological help difficult to get in the US? I thought there were counselors for every thing there.

    I know of this trend in Japan. People do not have a good social life, most of them stay aloof and have a drinking problem.

    The psychological help is available, but people do not take it because of the severe social stigma attached with it.

    That explains why suicide rate is so high in Japan.

    What do you think is reason for such rising crime rates? Do you have any theory like how the authors Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner propose in the book Freakonomics? Responds:

    In the U.S., there are no public hospitals, especially mental health facilities. Private hospitals/doctors are worse than loan sharks. They are criminally greedy.

    A lot of criminals here are nutjobs who rightfully should be in psychiatric centers. But they’re either in prison or out on the streets because they have no access to counselors or mental health care.

    Things are going to get worse because several states are in dire economic straits now and releasing prisoners early. A lot of these prisoners who are coming out have serious mental health issues.

    Prisons are privatized and spend little on medical care.

    Bottom line, the outlook is grim.

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