TCS Beats Bollywood in Theft

TCS Beats Bollywood in Theft

TCS North America Office When we think of big thieves, Indians invariably think of Bollywood and its smaller siblings Kollywood, Tollywood etc or our cricket players stealing the thrill of a real match from fans by selling out to the betting mafia. But people don’t seem to realize that the really big Indian thieves are […]

Crazy Tamils Throw Money Off Rockefeller Plaza in NYC

Never let it be said that reckless Tamil entrepreneurs miss an opportunity to squander money on cockamamie business ventures. Whether it’s I, SpiceJet, Lingaa, Kochadaiyaan or some other Mannangatti scheme, you can be sure many a zany Tamil entrepreneur with more moolah than gray matter is flushing millions down the toilet in pursuit of bizarre […]

Indian Makes Tech History – Fires 18,000

Indians in the U.S. are in the news for all the wrong reasons. If desis are not groping their fellow airline passengers, butchering family members, kidnapping babies, killing grandmas, masturbating on planes, committing medicare fraud or engaging in financial chicanery, then they’re destroying the livelihoods of thousands of workers. Today’s desi newsmaker in America is […]

Silicon Valley HBO Show – Watchable

Having missed the premiere of the new HBO TV series Silicon Valley on Sunday, I watched it online today (if your cable subscription includes HBO you can stream the show to your PC). I didn’t get too excited with the first episode. But it was definitely watchable and had a few funny moments. The first […]

Obama Tackles Billion Mosquitoes Problem

Every time U.S. President Barack Obama spots a mosquito, he goes nuts. After all, behind that irksome mosquito lurks a billion other mosquitoes feeding upon the depleting resources of the planet. And, boy, is the leader of the ‘free’ world hopping mad about it. You bet! Even after admitting a gazillion Telugu biddas on Dum […]

Indian Promises Light Even Without Power

In Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal promises to empower the Aam Aadmi. In Charlotte (NC), another Indian, Shailendra Suman (pictured at left), is promising to light up powerless households through his new SmartCharge LED light bulbs. In short, Shailendra Suman, like Kejriwal, promises light where only gloom and darkness prevailed earlier. Light Without Power I swear only […]

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