‘Stupid American’ Jay Palmer has Last Laugh! Infosys Crooks Fined $35m for B1 Visa Fraud

Just leave your not wanted here hope your journey brings you death stupid American (sic) – Death threat found on Infosys whistleblower Jay Palmer’s work desktop computer in 2011 after he filed a suit against the Indian software outsourcing company Ha, ha, ha! The “stupid American” Jay Palmer is having the last laugh today, at […]

Buying Influence in Washington D.C.

In India, they call it bribing. In the U.S., they use an euphemism called lobbying. In the end, it amounts to the same – Spending money on politicians to get your way. And some of the biggest spenders in Washington DC are tech companies like Microsoft, AT&T, Apple, Google, Verizon, IBM, Facebook, Oracle and Wipro. […]

Insanity! America Bailing Out Gambling Dens

No, you’re not dreaming. And I’m not drunk. I know, I know, these days crazy shit is coming to light every day in America. Widespread domestic spying, stories of a U.S. missile downing TWA 800 in 1996 etc. But what follows takes the cake in sheer madness. After bailing out Wall Street scumbags and outsourcing […]

Traitors – Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Skype Betray Americans

A new media report by the Guardian and Washington Post newspapers reveals that America’s leading technology companies including  Apple, Microsoft, Google, AOL, Microsoft, Facebook, PalTalk, YouTube and Skype have completely violated the trust hundreds of millions of Americans have reposed in these technology companies. Of the nine companies that are part of PRISM, the three […]

Who is Dinesh Thakur?

Dinesh Thakur is the Indian-American who’s richer by $48.6m today for playing a crucial role in nailing Ranbaxy for its crimes. Background Thakur received a Bachelors degree in Technology from Osmania University, a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of New Hampshire, and graduate training from Syracuse University. Court documents show Thakur as […]

We are Criminals, Confesses Ranbaxy

Generic drugs manufacturer Ranbaxy USA has confessed to engaging in criminal behavior and agreed to pay a $500 million fine (covering both criminal and civil fines and forfeiture). The fine is the largest imposed by the U.S. on a generic drugs manufacturer. Ranbaxy – Japanese Firm Now Ranbaxy USA is a subsidiary of Ranbaxy Laboratories […]