Cool, GPS & Radar Detector in a Single Device

For anyone driving a lot in the U.S., there are two things that are as important as the car – GPS to get you to your destination and Radar Detector to foil the cops eager to hand you a speeding ticket. As you gadget-loving schmucks know, having, charging and managing multiple devices in the car […]

Toyota or Sapota? Ha ha ha ha

The way things are going for Japanese car company Toyota, soon their cars are likely to have have as much value as a Sapota. For all ye schmucks considering the purchase of a Toyota car any time soon, here are a few tidbits to keep in mind about this chutiya car manufacturer: 1. Toyota has […]

U.S. Auto Sales – Down, Down, Down

The only option left for the U.S. is to do a reverse secession of Michigan (a bigger entity ditching a smaller unit) because the old U.S. auto industry, by which we mean GM, Ford and Chrysler, is well and truly screwed. We don’t know why President Obama is throwing more bailout money into the Auto […]

Tata to Exploit U.S. Recession with Cheapo Nano

India’s Tata Group, yeah the same bozos who went and purchased the Jaguar and Land Rover, now plan to bring their cheap Nano car to American shores. Nano, or the People’s Car, which launched in India on Monday, is scheduled to hit the U.S. in 2011 or 2012, according to the Financial Times. The American auto […]

Detroit Beggars get $17.4B; Our Tax $$ Down the Drain

Our ‘mission unaccomplished’ blithering idiot of a President George W. Bush threw a $17.4 billion lifeline to Detroit automakers lest they give up the ghost on his watch. To prove yet again that he’s indeed the dodo he’s widely reviled to be, Bush gave the auto industry until March 31 to get its affairs in […]

U.S. Auto Makers Back with Begging Bowl; Screw Them

American auto makers Ford, GM and Chrysler were back before Congress today with their begging bowl. In proposals presented to Congress today, the three Detroit Idiots are seeking a total of $34 billion to keep going, $9 billion more than what they pleaded for last month. Here’s the split: * GM wants $18 billion * […]

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