Ankita & Madhuri – Sexy but Crazy

We do the shopping and chopping so you can enjoy the cooking! – Ankita and Madhuri, founders of Saffron Fix If you’re like me, you’re always famished and like any sane desi in America crave spicy Indian food. No pasta, burgers, meatballs or tacos for us. For your Indian fix in America, you have four […]

Indians Don’t Support Tech Innovations

Indians (living in Mera Bharat Mahaan) lack the entrepreneurial drive that’s so abundant in Americans (and among Indians settled in the U.S.). That’s not really new, is it? But what surprises me is that in a land boasting of nearly three million software programmers there’s very little encouragement for innovation in technology even from average […]

12 Cool Products from Unknown People

If you schmucks thought all the cool products in the world emerge only from the womb of giant corporations like Apple or Sony, you’d be so wrong. Thanks to the paradigm shift wrought by the Internet, even unknown individuals with limited resources but bright ideas can get funding to realize their giant dreams. In 2014, […]

Dash Headphones Explode @ Kickstarter

———————— Final Update: Wunderbar! Dash has gotten commitments of a whopping $3.39 million from 15,998 backers. The original funding target was a mere $260,000! Folks, Dash is one of the biggest successes on Kickstarter! I hope the final product lives up to giant expectations. First Update: With 47 days to go, Bragi has hit 168% […]

Indian Cloud EDA Startup Nimbic gets New Investors, Rolls Out nCloud Beta

Silicon Valley cloud startup Nimbic is blowing the trumpet about a Series B financing round that brought in $6.9 million. New investor Austral Capital joined prior round investors Madrona Venture Group and WRF Capital to pony up the money. The financing will go toward accelerating deployment of Nimbic’s cloud computing efforts in 3D electromagnetic signal […]

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