Microsoft Launches New Smartphones Few People Will Care About

Microsoft Launches New Smartphones Few People Will Care About

If history is any guide, Indian consumers will for the most part ignore Microsoft’s new Lumia smartphones launched in the country today. Lumia 510 and Lumia 950 XL, Microsoft’s latest smartphones, debuted in India November 30, 2015 just 10 days after their U.S. launch. The high-end Lumia 950XL (Rs 49,399) has a 5.7-inch screen, 20MP […]

Android One is a Ripoff Because …

A smartphone that provides Indians with a paltry 2GB of internal storage in late 2014 is nothing short of a ripoff and deserves to be treated with contempt. Even if it’s offered at $105. I checked out two Android One smartphones that were introduced in India today – Karbonn Sparkle V and Spice Dream UNO […]

Media Forever Slurping on Apple’s Cum

Source: Macrumors Man Lands on Mars is a story. But iPhone 6 Landing on US Soil….is that really worthy of media coverage, especially about a company already saturated with hype. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m no iPhone hater. I love my iPhone as much as the next guy. I started with the iPhone 3G […]

Ha Ha Ha, iPhone 6 Balloon Bursts

Nothing like a nice picture to burst the iPhone hype balloon. An interesting graphic illustrating how some of the so-called cute features in Apple’s new iPhone 6 have been present  in the two-year old LG Nexus 4 is circulating on the Internet. Hope you enjoy the below graphic as much as I did. 😉 (Image […]

Who Can Stop Apple?

Apple Watch Has Apple become an unstoppable, unrivalled money-minting juggernaut? Already a powerful force in smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, apps and music downloads, the digital media goliath today extended its appeal with customers by introducing two new iPhone models with bigger displays, an Apple Pay mobile payment service and the Apple Watch. Although Android devices […]

Flop! Fire Phone Price Falls 99.5% in 45 Days

Unwanted. Unloved. Unpurchased. That seems to be the miserable fate of Amazon’s much ballyhooed Fire smartphone launched with great fanfare on June 18, 2014. The Fire smartphone (which runs Google’s Android software) started shipping on July 25, 2014 for $199. This morning Amazon cut the price of the phone by 99.5% to 99 cents (with […]

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