$33 Mobile Phone – Trigger for a Revolution?

Is this the beginning of the end for feature phones in India? Unlike mature Western markets, the Indian mobile phone market is still dominated by feature phones (they account for 78% of all cell phones sold in the country). But for millions of poor Indians yoked to antiquated feature phones because a smartphone happens to […]

Nadella Pulling Pubic Hair Out – One by One

Why is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella pulling his pubic hair out? Kiddo, I suggest you look to your left. Does it look like the bald coot has any hair left on his head? 😉 Now the reason Nadella is pulling his pubic hair out – and if he isn’t, he should start anon – is […]

Xiaomi on a Tear, 271% Sales Growth

As my loyal readers have long know, I’m rarely, if ever, wrong when it comes to good taste! 😉 Over the last few months, I’ve frequently mentioned that Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi is an unstoppable force. Guess what? I was right (again). Xiaomi Mi 3 A short while ago Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun disclosed that […]

Google Crushing Apple’s Balls in India

Google Executive Sundar Pichai Launching Android One Google tightened its grip on Apple’s cojones in emerging markets like India with the launch of the new Android One “turnkey solution” initiative for smartphone manufacturers. Over the last couple of years, Google has extended the sway of its Android mobile platform through various partnerships pushing Apple’s marketshare […]

Moto E Plays Shabby Trick on Chutiyas

Never let it be said that the West ever misses an opportunity to shaft the natives. A few hours back, Google’s Motorola unit launched the $117 Moto E Android smartphone for Indians but offered them a mere 2.2GB of internal storage (remaining 1.8GB is taken by system software). Come on, 2.2GB of internal storage for […]

Ascend P7 – Brother, Can You Spare $625?

Huawei launched its new Ascend P7 smartphone in Paris a few hours back. And like the city itself, the device is a beauty with a sleek design and solid specs. Successor to Huawei’s current flagship P6 smartphone, the P7 will be available in June in multiple markets in Asia and Europe. Huawei is now the […]