Five Most Sizzling Smartphones of 2014

2014 will be the year of the great shakeout in the smartphone and phablet arenas. Feature phones are starting to fade into the mist and the year will likely end with over 60% of mobile phones sold in 2014 being smartphones. This year will also be make and break time for high profile vendors like […]

Can G3 Turn LG into a Contender?

LG Electronics will launch its new G3 premium smartphone on May 27 and 28 at events in New York, San Francisco, London, Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul. But the big question on many minds is whether G3 will move the needle on LG’s marketshare in the smartphone arena. Can the G3 help LG turn into a […]

Smartphones Now Account for 63% of Mobile Phone Sales

Was it just yesterday that we were all fiddling with our flip phones and slider phones? Gosh, now even my Luddite friends in New Jersey and Gujju acquaintances in Philadelphia have gone the smartphone way, all of them sporting iPhones. When Gujju behns at Dunkin Donuts start to embrace smartphones, you know the end is […]

Is Asia a Goner for Samsung, Apple?

Americans and Europeans have been paying through their nose for smartphones, boosting the fortunes of greedy corporations like Apple and Samsung to stratospheric heights. The latest model of unlocked iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones purchased at retail (which few do in the U.S.) will set you back at least $650. Together, Apple and […]