So You Think Only Indians are Weird Bastards

(Image Courtesy: To all those who think only Indians are a bunch of weird bastards for screwing buffaloes, I have news for you. True, Indians are a weird bunch of sick *%$)#$*#. But there are other weird bastards in the world who are equally notorious! Really! People in my neighboring state New Jersey so […]

What a Shitty Way to Die!

If there’s a shittier way to die, I’ve not heard about it. What I’m about to tell you is worse than death by rape + hanging in Akhilesh Yadav’s Uttar Pradesh, by lethal injection in Oklahoma, by rape in Congo or by shooting in Putin’s Russia. Brace yourself now! Two people died in in a […]

Chutias are World’s Top Spammers Now

When it comes to the bad, loathsome things in the world, you can count on Indians, better known as Chutias (scumbags/worthless fellows), to be at the top of the heap. In corruption, raping, honor killing, encounter killing, exploiting others, intellectual property theft, fraud, acid throwing, looting, callous indifference to starvation deaths, maid-raping and other beastly […]

Whacko Brits Love Indian Virgins

To the long list of crimes the British are guilty of against Indians, let’s add one more – Virginity tests on dozens of Indian girls. According to an AP story, the British High Commission conducted tests on 73 women in New Delhi and nine in Bombay between 1976 and 1979. The reason offered for conducting […]

Jap Streams Suicide Online; And You Thought Indians Were Weird

For all the schmucks who think Indians are the ne plus ultra of weirdos, listen there’s competition for y’all. A 24-year-old Japanese man went about his suicide in a strange way – by streaming the announcement live on the net and received both encouragement and requests to desist on his plan. Unfortunately, the man went […]