Jap Streams Suicide Online; And You Thought Indians Were Weird

For all the schmucks who think Indians are the ne plus ultra of weirdos, listen there’s competition for y’all.

A 24-year-old Japanese man went about his suicide in a strange way – by streaming the announcement live on the net and received both encouragement and requests to desist on his plan.

Unfortunately, the man went ahead and killed himself. We live in strange times, indeed.

Here’s an excerpt from the Sydney Morning Herald:

The man began to broadcast images of himself on live streaming service Ustream on Sunday night, announcing his plan to kill himself and discussing his views about life.

After a break, his broadcast resumed early on Tuesday and he hanged himself in his apartment about 5.30am (0730 AEDT), Sankei said.

His broadcast received many messages, with some web users encouraging him to kill himself quickly, while others urged him to desist.

Source: SMH

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