Free Cloud Storage is Like Free Online Porn

There’s far too much of both free cloud storage and free online porn these days. As with far too much of anything free, even if things be lust-worthy at first glance, they tend to lose their allure and are stripped of value soon. Just yesterday, I stumbled upon a new player,, that offers 100GB […]

Deal of the Day – Free 50GB Online Storage

It’s hard to beat the insatiable Indian lust for freebies or cheap stuff. But I doubt many Indians have clambered on the free online storage accounts. Here’s a short list of some prominent free storage providers in the cloud. They all follow the freemium model (giving some stuff free and charging for upgrades). Some online […]

Indian Cloud EDA Startup Nimbic gets New Investors, Rolls Out nCloud Beta

Silicon Valley cloud startup Nimbic is blowing the trumpet about a Series B financing round that brought in $6.9 million. New investor Austral Capital joined prior round investors Madrona Venture Group and WRF Capital to pony up the money. The financing will go toward accelerating deployment of Nimbic’s cloud computing efforts in 3D electromagnetic signal […]

Amazon Cloud Streaming Service Offers Free Storage of 1,000 Songs

Amazon has rolled out a cloud-based music streaming service ahead of Apple and Google that are also said to be planning similar services. You can access the songs stored in the Amazon cloud from any PC or Mac via the browser or from an Android-based mobile device. The service provides 5GB of free space in […]