Indian Cloud EDA Startup Nimbic gets New Investors, Rolls Out nCloud Beta

Silicon Valley cloud startup Nimbic is blowing the trumpet about a Series B financing round that brought in $6.9 million.

New investor Austral Capital joined prior round investors Madrona Venture Group and WRF Capital to pony up the money.

The financing will go toward accelerating deployment of Nimbic’s cloud computing efforts in 3D electromagnetic signal integrity, power integrity and EMI analysis.

“By taking the solutions to the cloud, we feel that Nimbic will revolutionize the way EDA software is consumed by the industry, Austral Capital managing director Gonzalo Miranda said in ‘revolutionary’ hyperbole typical of investor announcements.

Indian Startup

IIT Delhi alumnus Vikram Jandhyala, Professor and Director of the Applied Computational Engineering Lab at the University of Washington, founded Nimbic (formerly known as Physware).

Jandhyala serves as Chief Technologist at Nimbic, which is headquartered at Mountain View, California.

Nimbic Launches Beta

Concurrent with its funding announcement, Nimbic also rolled out the open beta of its nCloud scalable and secure cloud computing platform for electronic design automation.

Effective immediately, Nimbic’s nWave, a 3D full-wave EM solver for signal and power integrity (formerly PhysWAVE), and nApex, a 3D accelerated parasitic extractor (formerly PhysAPEX), are available on nCloud.

Nimbic cites multiple nCloud advantages:

* On-demand provisioning of computing resources in minutes, with virtually unlimited scalability
* A highly secure compute platform
* Resources to exploit parallelism at the tool and at the design-methodology level
* An easy-to-use design environment with pre-installed and ready-to-run design tools
* Reduced need for on-premises hardware IT infrastructure
* Reduced need for upfront purchase of EDA licenses
* A cost-effective pay-for-use and pay-as-you-go software-as-a-service (SaaS) model

Nimbic CEO Raul Camposano says that the company’s pay-for-use, peak-usage cloud computing model would let customers see results hundreds of times faster than what they have been used to, without having to over-spend on upfront volume licenses that typically sit idle for extended periods during the year.

To allay customer concerns about security in the cloud, Nimbic says it’s built its architecture with security across multiple layers, including security of data in transit, security of data at rest and security through the use of isolation techniques.

Texas Instruments, Renesas, Toshiba, Tabula and Panasonic are said to be trying out Nimbic’s technology.

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