Chutias are World’s Top Spammers Now

When it comes to the bad, loathsome things in the world, you can count on Indians, better known as Chutias (scumbags/worthless fellows), to be at the top of the heap.

In corruption, raping, honor killing, encounter killing, exploiting others, intellectual property theft, fraud, acid throwing, looting, callous indifference to starvation deaths, maid-raping and other beastly acts, the Chutias invariably take the top  spot.

Now our Indians can take enormous pride that their country is the world’s top spammer (junk e-mail peddler) too.

Indian ISPs couldn’t care less about spam and the country’s exploding Internet users often use PCs that are not protected with anti-virus software to keep at bay malware.

Often these unprotected home PCs are turned into zombies by hackers who then aggregate such infected computers into botnet networks  that are used for spamming and other nefarious purposes like launching denial of service attacks on web sites.

Most spam is said to come from home computers.

Spam also wastes bandwidth, peddles garbage, dupes gullible users (as in those I want to give you $25 million e-mails) and wastes the time and resources of already harried systems administrators.

india top spamming nation

Where the Indian chutias are to be found, you can be sure the Pakistani gandus (worthless idiots) are not far behind, when it comes to engaging in illegal activities.

Although a far smaller nation than India, Pakistan is #8 on the Dirty Dozen Spammers list and accounts for 3.3% of the world’s spam originations.

asia top spamming continent

One Response to "Chutias are World’s Top Spammers Now"

  1. kreacher   April 25, 2012 at 2:28 am

    With the recent onslaught of “Watch Barcelona vs. Chelsea streaming online” posts on my support forum originating from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (often 50+ messages in the 4-5 hours that I sleep), I don’t find these stats to be much of a shocker.

    But I also do find it surprising that the Chinese don’t show up here.

    Russia, China and the US are other big contributors to the spam cesspool on my forum. Unfortunately my forum software (phpbb) is something absolutely incapable of handling spam, and I simply balk at the thought of moving the forum elsewhere. Responds:

    You write: But I also do find it surprising that the Chinese don’t show up here.

    Alas, the Chinese have ‘moved up’ the online food chain.

    From being major spammers, the Chinese are now more into hacking and attacking web sites. We understand you can rent a Chinese hacker for as little as $100 these days and that Chinese schools run official programs in hacking.

    The majority of attacks on our site now originate from these “Rent-a-Chinese-Hacker” creatures.

    The Chinese attacks/hacking is happening both on a micro and macro-level. A lot of attacks and hacks into sensitive U.S. sites (military or otherwise) are said to have a Chinese hand in them.

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