U.S. Auto Makers Back with Begging Bowl; Screw Them

American auto makers Ford, GM and Chrysler were back before Congress today with their begging bowl.

In proposals presented to Congress today, the three Detroit Idiots are seeking a total of $34 billion to keep going, $9 billion more than what they pleaded for last month.

Here’s the split:

* GM wants $18 billion

* Ford wants $9 billion

* Chrysler wants $7 billion

In return for the bailout, the three auto makers are holding out the promise of some changes (basically cutting jobs, factories, brands and executive pay) that we think are plain hogwash.

Of course, the desperate auto makers will say anything now to get the money. But we’d be suckers to take their word and throw money at them.

We say Screw the Three Detroit Idiots. Let Them Die.

You don’t bail out inefficient, incompetent businesses in Capitalism. 

For decades, the Big Three from Detroit have shoveled pathetic junk at customers even as their CEOs were grabbing millions in pay and stock options and gallivanting around in private jets.

Let the auto makers pay the price now for their excesses and incompetence.

To bail out GM, Ford or Chrysler would send out the wrong signal to every business in America.

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