Ford, GM, Chrysler Beg, Beg & Beg; Let ’em Die

Like the persistent decrepit beggars outside any Hindu Temple in India, the three Detroit Idiots are begging, begging and begging.  America’s struggling auto makers Ford, GM and Chrysler fell to the lowest point of their existence today when the CEOs of the three auto companies went before the U.S. Senate Banking Committee and shamelessly begged for $25 […]

Hooray, Indian Car Business Slumps

Following on the heels of the American auto majors (GM, Ford and Chrysler), the Indian auto industry has fallen on hard times, according to the Wall Street Journal. Of course, we are thrilled because we are big supporters of public transportation. Here’s an excerpt from the WSJ piece (subscription required): India’s local car sales in […]

U.S. Auto Industry Screwed – Hope, India is Next

Cars are a curse, the spawn of the Devil himself. Cars are not liberating but incredibly suffocating. After the stress of driving several lakh KM over many years, you have no idea of how much schadenfreude we derive from the current dismal state of the auto industry. To say that GM, Ford and Chrysler are […]

INFY vs Big U.S. Losers

Here’s the market capitalization of Indian software bellwether Infosys (INFY) and some legendary U.S. firms. Infosys (founded in 1981) – $13.69 billion GM (1908) – $2.77 billion Ford (1903) – $4.5 billion Morgan Stanley (1935) – $10.28 billion Source: Wall Street Journal, Wiki

God, We Hope Mamta Screws Tata Nano

As strong supporters of public transportation and the little man against the big corporations, we can’t help but wish that Mamta Banerjee screws or at least seriously delays the Tata Nano project in Singur (West Bengal) so that costs escalate and the car becomes unaffordable. We fear that cars like Nano will distract from necessary […]

Is Mercedes Benz Desperate?

When luxury car makers like Mercedes Benz start offering 0% financing deals for 72 months on 2008 cars, you know that the auto industry in America is well and truly screwed. Our local newspaper today has a Mercedes Benz advertisement for 0% financing for 72 months on the E-Class 2008 models. Yes, they are for new […]