INFY vs Big U.S. Losers

Here’s the market capitalization of Indian software bellwether Infosys (INFY) and some legendary U.S. firms.

Infosys (founded in 1981) – $13.69 billion
GM (1908) – $2.77 billion
Ford (1903) – $4.5 billion
Morgan Stanley (1935) – $10.28 billion

Source: Wall Street Journal, Wiki

2 Responses to "INFY vs Big U.S. Losers"

  1. shuaib68   October 12, 2008 at 4:13 am

    Wow, what a wealth they have. What will happen to those Indian software companies that are caught inside the financial storm?

    Will the software guys and the call centre people who are employed in these companies be driven to “Chrome Petta, Rani Petta, petta Rap….? Because, what I hear is that high earning computer based industry employees are flying high in India who are in the spending spree like the American cosumerism. I don’t have any news about these crowds. Responds:

    The coming Katrina will leave few people/companies unscathed.

    Indian IT companies (for whom the U.S. is a very big market) have already seen significant erosion in their share prices and there has been talk of quiet layoffs under the guise of weeding out non-performers.

    By the way, a new movie called Hello (Hindi) based on the experience of call center employees has been released. Early reviews have been critical.

  2. aditya_k   October 25, 2008 at 3:57 am

    i didn’t know infy was THAT rich….what about wipro? Responds:

    WIT (Wipro’s ticker symbol on NYSE) – $9.45 billion (as of 10/25/08, 7:19 AM)

    Source: Yahoo Finance

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