No, I Haven’t Been Here; I Swear!

Bet you schmucks will believe anything! If someone were to tell you that the Sun revolves around the Earth, I won’t be surprised if you most of you putzheads say ‘Amen.’ 😉 Oh well, much as I love candy, liquor is quicker. Hey, it’s Friday! If you chutiyas happen to be on 8th Ave in […]

Paradise Biryani Jackson Heights – Awful

Greater crimes are being committed on New Yorkers in the name of Biryani than by all the sleeper-cell jihadists supposedly holed up in Queens and Jersey City. No sooner did I hear that the Paradise Biryani Pointe chain had opened an outpost in the same location as the closed Mehfil on 37th Avenue in Jackson […]

Gimme a Juicy Burger, Gimme Schnipper’s

Nothing like a good juicy hamburger when you’re hungry and time is short. Schnipper’s on 8th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan (adjacent to the New York Times office) has earned a well-deserved reputation for its burgers. I happened to be there recently and can strongly vouch for their great flavor. Schnipper’s on 8th Ave, NYC I […]

Closed! Bollywood Villain Shiva Natarajan’s Filthy Shithole Dhaba Closed by NYC; Dhaba has Live Roaches, Evidence of Mice etc

Update: Dhaba Reopens After Fresh Inspection Bollywood villain Shiva Natarajan must be writhing, groaning and moaning in shame after the New York City Health Department closed his unhygienic shithole Dhaba Indian restaurant on 108 Lexington Avenue following an inspection on April 3, 2012. After all, closing a restaurant is a drastic step that the NYC […]

Lights Still Out on Broadway

Update: Broadway Strike ended on November 28, 2007 As the strike by the stagehands continues this busy holiday season, the lights remain off on much of Broadway, New York’s busy theater district near Times Square. Stagehands, the folks who work behind the scenes to create all those magnificent Broadway shows, are at war with the […]

No Touching, No Licking, No Stroking

We bet you have never seen a notice like this at any other museum in the world. During our desultory wanderings in New York City, we have stumbled across many a strange sight. But seldom as interesting and eye-catching as the above picture at the entrance to the Museum of Sex on 5th Ave and […]