No, I Haven’t Been Here; I Swear!

Bet you schmucks will believe anything!

If someone were to tell you that the Sun revolves around the Earth, I won’t be surprised if you most of you putzheads say ‘Amen.’ 😉

Oh well, much as I love candy, liquor is quicker. Hey, it’s Friday!

If you chutiyas happen to be on 8th Ave in New York City, you know where to go.

The below peep-show place is on 8th Ave (between W.43rd St and W.44th St), a short walk from the Port Authority subway station.

Adult Video Store on 8th Ave, NYCSweet Relief in NYC @ 8th Ave (between W.43rd St and W.44th St)

Back in the good old days, before that crazy Rudy Giuliani became Mayor there used to be plenty of peep show video parlors in the Times Square area.

And there was plenty more going on at these places than just video-booths showing 3-minute aah-oooh movies for a few quarters.

There was lot of touch-and-feel stuff too upstairs. 😉

Oh yeah, there used to be lotsa gals making money on the side by giving hand-jobs and blowjobs when their husbands and boyfriends were slaving away at their stoopid desk-jobs, that is when the men were not making eyes at their pretty colleagues.

Some of these video parlors were even owned by Indians (now, don’t you dare ask me how I know).

The problem with the Republican SOBs is that they are a bunch of hypocritical sleazebags that want to deprive us of all the good things of life like hookers, peepshows, lap-dances, Bacchus etc!

Now you know why I never ever Vote for a Republican candidate. 🙁

Adult Story & Peep Shows on 8th Ave NYCGirls, Girls, Girls…but Not a Single …to….

One Response to "No, I Haven’t Been Here; I Swear!"

  1. boopalanj   August 25, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    Apple wins battle against Samsung. Samsung chooses to re-appeal.

    A not-so-important thing. Responds:

    1. The Apple victory is all over the place.

    But this is nothing. A minor skirmish.

    The real Mahabharat is gonna be fought between Apple and Google. Why do you think Google acquired Motorola Mobility.

    2. In re your second link, if publiShitty is the goal why stop at showing kisses on top.

    Why not explore the bush-land in Australia as well. 😉

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