Insanity! America Bailing Out Gambling Dens

No, you’re not dreaming. And I’m not drunk. I know, I know, these days crazy shit is coming to light every day in America. Widespread domestic spying, stories of a U.S. missile downing TWA 800 in 1996 etc. But what follows takes the cake in sheer madness. After bailing out Wall Street scumbags and outsourcing […]

Traitors – Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Skype Betray Americans

A new media report by the Guardian and Washington Post newspapers reveals that America’s leading technology companies including  Apple, Microsoft, Google, AOL, Microsoft, Facebook, PalTalk, YouTube and Skype have completely violated the trust hundreds of millions of Americans have reposed in these technology companies. Of the nine companies that are part of PRISM, the three […]

How America Protects Americans

Update: NSA also has direct access via PRISM program to Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Skype, AOL etc servers. It’s great to be an American in the 21st Century. Hallelujah! While Americans are frolicking at the beach, clicking ‘Like‘ on Facebook, Tweeting what they had for breakfast at McDonald’s and Taco Bell, watching American Idol, […]

In Amazing America, Jail Occupancy Rate is Higher than Hotel Occupancy Rate

Statistics put out today by the U.S. Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics show that in Amazing America, jail occupancy rates are far higher than hotel occupancy rates. Justice Department statistics show jail occupancy rate stood at 84% in mid-2012 (latest period for which statistics are available). Unlike federal or state prisons, jails are usually […]

10 Things that Make America Amazing

1. Alcohol Enemas – The rest of the world has to be content with just water-enemas. But here in American hardly-working students ever on the search for a new high are resorting to Alcohol Enemas. If you want to know what an Alcohol Enema is, it means shoving a tube in your asshole and pumping […]