Beck’s Beer Review – Definitely Not Urine

Beck's Beer - Decent StuffOh no, Beck’s is not our favorite beer.

But then it’s not on our hated list either.

We’ve been quaffing Beck’s on and off for over a decade.

So, what have we to say about Beck’s after all these years and all those bottles?

Not much to complain and not much to cheer either.

As you lift the glass of ice-cold Beck’s to your lips, a distinctive odor wafts up.

Before the chilled beer hits your tongue, your brain has already registered that this ain’t no pussy-beer.

So all you namby-pambys out there, if you don’t like a strong odor in your beer, stay away from the German beer Beck’s.

A Question of Character

In our weltanaschauung of beer, a beer has character or it doesn’t.

We’re happy to report that Beck’s is a beer with character.

Not a lot, but some for sure.

A golden hued pale lager with a slight head, Beck’s has a mild flavor of hops.

Beck’s is a light, slightly watery beer.

You’d need at least two or three  bottles of Beck’s to get even a nice buzz.

Whether it’s the Mid-Atlantic winter or the stifling heat of summer, you can do worse than sit with a 22.4-oz bottle of Beck’s by your side.

The beer is around $2.99 for a 1 pint 6.4 fl bottle at your neighboring Gujju liquor store.

Beck’s is not the greatest beer on Earth but it certainly ain’t urine as some crazy critics make it out to be.

2 Responses to "Beck’s Beer Review – Definitely Not Urine"

  1. deepa   December 13, 2011 at 4:23 am

    Have you guys tried Tiger beer? Its quite an acquired taste and its the only thing we Malaysians would approve of, of Singapore….heh heh heh Responds:

    Can’t remember. Likely not.

    Don’t remember seeing it on the shelves of the Gujju (Gujarati) liquor stores.

    Gujjus are the most unimaginative bastards around and stock the same piss (Budweiser, Miller, Corona etc). But unfortunately they own a lot of the neighborhood liquor stores.

    We’ll look for Tiger in one of the American liquor stores.

    • deepa   December 13, 2011 at 5:25 am

      Check out their TV commercial, one would not think this came from Singapore!

      Disclaimer: If you are used to Bud, Corona and Carlsberg, this might be a bit hard to down. Those beers are quite mild in taste compared to the Tiger Responds:

      Maybe the Ad was made by a Madison Ave (major ad firms are located here in NYC) firm.

      No, we don’t drink Bud or Corona…70-80% of the time it’s Guinness Extra Stout. Hate Bud. Horribbbbble beer.

      Jessica Alba looks nice in the ad, as she usually does.

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