Arrogant Bastard Beer Review – Go for It

(For the beer-swilling SI Blog reader Gandhiji)

Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. – Ogden Nash

Idle minds mouths will drink anything. 😉

As many of our readers have hinted on occasion, time hangs heavily on our hands.

So when a SI blog reader brought up Arrogant Bastard beer last night, we were game for it.

So this morning we headed to our Gujju ‘Chutiya’ Patel’s liquor store where the bespectacled orangutan-like Gujju was rude as ever.

By God, the temperature outside today was an unbearable -9°C (probably because of the wind-chill) although the real temperature was only -4°C.

After eying the beer cooler, we finally picked up a 22-oz bottle of Arrogant Bastard for $4.98 and a bottle of India Special (to be reviewed later) for $3.98.

Arrogant Bastard Beer

We made a quick stop at the local Food Lion supermarket to pick up up some Seltzer water bottles for our Gin and a couple of packets of Pad Thai noodles.

After keeping the Arrogant Bastard in the freezer (for rapid cooling), we quickly made ourselves some Pad Thai noodles with the packet.

By the time, the Pad Thai noodles was ready, the beer was cold enough to pour into our glass.

First sip. Fineee.

If you roll the beer on your tongue rather than quickly gulping it down, you get a slightly fruity taste. But not sweet.

The smell is decent too, a fruity-bitter odor. Not the cheap Budweiser smell that repulses us.

We were reminded of Guinness Extra Stout, maybe because of Arrogant Bastard’s reddish-brown color.

The bitter-flavor doesn’t hit you immediately but slowly creeps up on you as you keep drinking.

Even after the Beer became warmer than we’d like, we still liked the taste.

A 22-oz bottle of Arrogant Bastard (7.2% alcohol content) leaves you with a pleasant feeling in the head and wanting one more bottle.

Now if you schmucks want to know our verdict – From one Arrogant Bastard to another, Go for It. 😉

Oh, we almost forgot to tell you that the Pad Thai noodles with its subtle spicy flavor makes for a nice combination with the Arrogant Bastard.

4 Responses to "Arrogant Bastard Beer Review – Go for It"

  1. kd36939   January 24, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    Nice. Will give this a shot next time.

    Have you tried Steel Reserve beer? It is Desi’s favorite… cheap and couple of cans will knock you down. Here is the link – Responds:

    You write: Have you tried Steel Reserve beer?


    We don’t drink much beer. But when we do, we stick to Heineken, Guinness or Tequiza.

    And we hate cheap beer. Leaves an awful taste in the mouth. 🙁

  2. sam   January 24, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    Off topic

    Did you hear, The Dar ul Islami Chief Vastanvi tried to be the first of his kind to accept the truth about Narendra Modi 4 days ago, and he is still paying the price of it, even after vehemently denying his statements. How sad, Truth can never be spoken in India (Shining!) Responds:

    You write: How sad, Truth can never be spoken in India

    Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi is screwed. Finito.

  3. முனிAndy   January 25, 2011 at 12:37 am

    Never had Tequiza.. will never get a chance as it has been discontinued.

    I think you will like
    Great taste and 9.8% ABV. Responds:

    Will look for it.

  4. 1012900   January 28, 2011 at 9:05 am

    What about Corona beer?
    Tried it anytime?
    Personally, I hate beer. The Kingfisher and other brands we get here leave a very bitter taste in the mouth.
    Whiskey(Signature), Bacardi white rum, Vodka(Smirnoff) etc are much better, though I don’t drink to the point of getting intoxicated. Responds:

    1. Corona? Yes, had it a couple of times in the distant past. Cheap shit. Those days, we used to swill only European beer.

    We don’t drink much beer now. Takes too long to get high.

    As we age, we want our gratification faster. 😉

    2. You write: though I don’t drink to the point of getting intoxicated

    Oh, what a shame. If you’re pissing money, might as well get high!

    3. BTW, do you get this India Special Beer in India? The bottle mentioned the usual ‘for export’ only.

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