Hey, We’re Not the Only Ones Tippling a Lot

Candy Is dandy But liquor Is quicker. – Ogden Nash Admittedly, we drink. Some may even say we drink a lot. All we’ll say in our not-so-humble defense is that in these hot summer days on the East Coast, life would be intolerable without an ice-cold beer or two or three. We usually keep ours […]

Old Monk 10000 Beer Review – Avoid It

Like a lot of things Indian, Old Monk 10000 has a funny and bad smell. Not a very bad smell. Just that it’s a little chemically-bad-smell. We purchased this Made in India beer (Mohan Meakin Brewery, Ghaziabad) at a closeout sale from a Chinese liquor store in Dover (DE) for $3.99. The golden-amber colored beer […]

Affligem Noël Beer Review – Good One, Buddy

A beer bottle with a cork and a cage? Well, that’s a first for us. Affligem Noël Christmas Ale ($8.99 for a 750ml bottle) is a Belgian beer that comes from one of Heineken International’s vast arsenal of breweries. We stumbled upon the Affligem Noël at the rude Gujju chutiya’s liquor store as we were […]

Jägermeister – A Sin Not to Drink this Fine Liqueur

After cheap gin, cheap brandy and expensive beer, our favorite alcoholic drink is Jägermeister*. Jägermeister*, a German liqueur, comes in a distinctive green bottle. We’ve been enjoying Jägermeister for close to a year now and still haven’t gotten bored. With a taste verging more than a little bit on cough syrup, the dark brown-colored Jägermeister […]