Guinness Extra Stout Review – Enjoy this Fine Beer

We love it. 😛 We love this almost black-colored Irish beer (our bottle was actually brewed in Canada). If there is any other beer as dark as Guinness Extra Stout* we’ve yet to encounter it. For over 15 years, we’ve been drinking Guinness on and off and relished it every single time. Lovely, distinctive, refined […]

Blue Moon Beers Review – Nothing Remarkable

Since some folks on this fine blog have been dropping the Blue Moon name, our curiosity was piqued enough to take a dekko at the beer and check out what the fuss was all about. To our surprise, we found more than one variety of Blue Moon in the cooler of our local liquor store. […]

Foster’s vs Heineken – The Dutch Beat the Aussies

Idle Indian minds will drink. Idle Indian minds will drink anything cold if the weather is as hot as it was in the mid-Atlantic states of the U.S. today. So, as we were returning from the new Hollywood movie The Lincoln Lawyer, we made a quick stop at the Gujju liquor store and picked up […]

Namaste Beer – Go for It, Fellas; Grab a Bottle

Oh no, we’re not completely shameless. Really. After all, the moment our eyes fell on Namaste beer in the cooler of our local liquor store this morning we made a grab for it. Being of Indian origin and not reaching out for Namaste, hell, can one get more shameless or more unpatriotic than that? 😉 […]

Useless Statistics of the Day – Beer in America

* America’s Beer industry offers 13,000 labels to consumers. Over the years, we’ve probably tried no more than 25-30 different labels. * America’s Beer industry generates 1.8 million jobs. Maybe, if we all start drinking more Beer the unemployment rate would come crashing down. Come on guys, time to roll up our sleeves and, ahem, […]

India Special Reserve Beer Review – No Big Deal

What do you do after watching a depressingly excellent Romanian film like 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days? Well, if you were SI, you’d immediately open the fridge and take out an ice-cold bottle of India Special Reserve Beer, place it in the freezer for a few minutes to cool it further and scrounge […]