Apr 162010

Indian movie critics have savaged the new Bollywood movie Paathshala (Shahid Kapoor, Nana Patekar).

Here’s what a sample of Bollywood critics had to say on Paathshaala:


“Paathshaala” is an incoherent mess of a film which takes a serious issue and manages to run it to the ground.

Why someone like Shahid Kapur would want to do a film like this is beyond me — of course, he doesn’t have that much to do, except smile and strum the guitar.

There is no script to speak of, the dialogues are so bad they are good (”these kids maybe the best players but they are not the best payers”, says one character) and the actors all appear to want to run ten miles away from the set.

I would recommend the same, run ten miles away from any place showing this film.


Paathshala is staggeringly inept. The script by Hanif Sheikh has no discernable arc.

…..Director Milind Ukey splashes his titles across newspaper stories of the problems that beset education in India – stress, suicide, the demand for donations. These are all relevant and urgent issues but Ukey’s treatment is singularly hare-brained and juvenile.

….The trouble is that film doesn’t stray into unintentional comedy territory either. It’s just unremittingly dull.

I recommend that you steer clear. I’m sure, unlike the principal, you can find other alternatives.


Unfortunately the title of this film will have most parents’ think of it as a children’s film. But Paathshaala is not a kiddie flick.

Neither is it targeted at an adult audience. In fact Paathshaala is a film which won’t keep anybody entertained (young or old).

Apr 162010

Boy, oh boy, what a movie.

Folks, Kick-Ass, which debuts in theaters across the U.S. Friday, is an absolutely delightful superhero film.

In a 100-years million years, the monkeys in Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood et al can’t dream of making such an entertaining movie.

Wild Ride
A high octane film bursting with energy, Kick-Ass accelerates from the get-go and never slows down.

Not for one minute does the action, or for that matter the fun, stop.

Great dialogs adds to the overall entertainment quotient.

We went for the 10PM special show at a theater on the East Coast and going by their vocal reaction the folks in the hall thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Based on a popular comic book, Kick-Ass starts off on a comic note before moving full throttle into full action mode.

Three Stories = Infinite Entertainment
Three inter-related stories come together to deliver a powerful adrenalin jolt.

We see a geeky looking high-school kid and superhero wannabe Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) lamenting his sorry fate of being completely invisible to girls.

Alas, all he can really do is jerk off in his room fantasizing over his English teacher’s massive tits.

Utterly ignored by the girls and mercilessly bullied by the boys, Dave resolves to take the plunge into the superhero world with the moniker Kick-Ass setting the stage for some riotously hilarious moments. But before you know it, Kick-Ass has become a superhero in the eyes of the public, with his popularity skyrocketing on the Internet.

In the second story, we see Damon Macready a.k.a Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) with his young daughter Mindy a.k.a Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz).

Robbed of a childhood and deprived of a mother because of a ruthless crime figure, pint-sized Hit Girl knows her way very well around the guns and the knives. And she doesn’t hesitate to use them to dispatch the bad guys

Guys, we’ve got to tell you this. The chemistry between the veteran Nicolas Cage and the young Chloë Grace Moretz is nothing short of amazing. Continue reading »