Apr 222010

We’ve watched a bunch of movies lately (three on TV and one in the theater).

Here’s a short list with brief comments:

* The Square (English) – My, my, how quickly and continuously things spiral out of control for its principal protagonist Ray (David Roberts) in this Australian film of infidelity and crime.

Decent all-round acting and a fast-paced story keeps you engrossed to the flashing images on the screen.

But can someone tell us why David Roberts is forever wearing a frown? Or is it the tension that’s wearing him down?

* Missing Person (English) – We watched this one on Netflix Instant play.

An alcoholic private investigator in Chicago John Rossow (Michael Shannon) gets a job, at first, to tail a man on a train to Los Angeles and, then, to bring him to his wife in New York City.

The ending of this film, written and directed by Noah Buschel, will surprise you.

That Michael Shannon is a class actor is clearly evident from this nice film.

* Bad Company (English) – Watch Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock in this crazy, quirky thriller-comedy featuring spies and a street-smart hustler.

Or is it a comic thriller? Wateva.

Since we love both Anthony ‘Hannibal’ Hopkins and Chris Rock, it’s no surprise we found the film endearing.

By the way, no marks for guessing which one’s the hustler

You can catch this one too on Netflix Instant Play.

* Vettaikaran (Tamil) – Well, this South Indian monsterpiece featuring that bozo Vijay deserves a full-length review!