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Apr 232010

Darling kadhu, Parama Daridram idhi (horrible nonsense).

Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the stinking garbage torch has been passed in Tollywood to a new Telugu movie Darling,  conceived in Hyderabad, midwifed in Switzerland and killed aborted in Araku. (Thank you, JFK)

Folks, there’s absolutely no reason for this piece of bullshit Darling to ever see the light of the day, except that a bunch of retards  had more money than they knew what to do with and less competence than they should have had to make a watchable film.

That dung like Darling, supposedly a romantic film, gets made and then gets released in theaters worldwide amidst so much hype is testament to the complete abdication of all sense of taste, that is if the people living in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh ever possessed any.

From the early scene of two kids performing on stage to the final chase by the villains in a convoy of cars, this wannabe romance, directed by a half-wit called A.Karunakaran, screams nonsense.

The shallow amateurish story in its essence – that is, if you dare call this fig-leaf crap a story – is that of a just out of college young man Prabhas (Prabhas) pining for his childhood sweetheart Nandini (Kajal Agarwal).

Never mind that the duo were young children when they parted, the girl off to Switzerland but of course speaking Telugu with nary an accent. Guess, Telugu must be the national language of Switzerland.

The so-called twist in the story as narrated by our hero Prabhas to the local rowdy (Mukesh Rishi) adds nothing of value to the story. Zilch.

Just stupid meets bizarre.

Stupid Fights
As is par for the course in Telugu movies, there are fights galore in Darling.

All of it comically stupid, of course.

In one fight scene at the beginning of the film, Prabhas vanquishes a small army of evil-looking ruffians as he walks along a busy road with his mother and a lady relative without the duo even realizing he’s dispatching a bunch of knife-wielding thugs. Continue reading »