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Aug 012010

Since we love Jamie Foxx’ movies, we wanted to see Law Abiding Citizen when it released in theaters last year.

For whatever reason, we never got around to it and then got preoccupied with newer Bollywood and Kollywood films.

So the other day when we were scrolling through Netflix’ Instant Play recent releases and espied this film we quickly added it to our queue.

Law Abiding Citizen did not meet a good box office response and the majority of critics gave it a thumbs down.

Besides Jamie Foxx, Law Abiding Citizen also features Gerard Butler and Gregory Itzin.

F. Gary Gray (of The Italian Job fame) directed this film.

The movie is 1-hour and 48-minutes long.

We’ll update this post after the film.

Mediocre shit.

Set in Philadelphia (our closest big city), this is a tale of vengeance that goes downhill fairly soon.

Minutes after the movie starts, an young engineer Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) and his wife and daughter are brutally attacked by two vicious thugs. The wife and young daughter die.

To Clyde’s great anger, the prosecutor Nick Rice (Jamies Foxx) cuts a deal with the murderer Clarence Darby and gives him a slap on the wrist to get him to testify against his accomplice Rupert Ames.

Fast forward 10 years. Time for Rupert Ames’ execution.

Moments before the execution, Ames dies.

And soon so do others connected with the old case.

The violence intensifies but the drama goes the other way. By this time, the story is on life support, its internal oxygen supply having run out.

The worst part is the ending. Very flat, despite the seeming twist.

While neither Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx do a bad job, they weren’t stunning either.

Aug 012010

SI is deeply amused at the outpouring of loving comments (on non-SI sites like Orkut) and the multiple attempted hacks of this fine blog following the Boom Boom Lava Da Review.

Here’s a sample of the love coming our way via Orkut:

* I cant Bear This [bold in the original]. Someone please do something .. please do something… I would have killed them if I had got a hand on them… Asish Endhiran! on Orkut

* Just ignore those retards – ameen Boom boom on Orkut

* That blog belongs to a son of mischance…Tell him to go and ………. himself.. Prasad on Orkut

* OMG ,, I will smash my PC in anger !!!!

i broke one pen in my hand reading these comments !!

I will kill them !!!!! – Asish Endhiran ! on Orkut

[Hey Asish: When you land at JFK on your H1B a.k.a. Coolie Visa and the immigration agents from ICE deport you, please don’t blame us. ;) BTW, if you are really serious about killing us, stand in line because there are many others ahead of you]

* don worry abt those idiots………Rahman did wat needed for this huge film……it ll reach heights wen the film releases….still then we ll listen to the masterpieces – Santosh on Orkut

* Utter bad words ll cum outta ma mouth if ppl say they didn lik dis album…
RAHMANji ROX lik HELL!!!!!! – Kяιѕн !yeя~ on Orkut

* Pls ignore it.. all he is craving for is attention .. and lets not give him
Am fine if they say de music is not good or something like dat… but this guy is insulting which is not great lets not give him visits and make him earn more – John~wat to on Orkut

* That blog is a stinker. Those guys always spew venom in all their reviews. Check their previous reviews for any film, you will know. They are best ignored. – Senthil on Orkut

*Uh….. i have never seen such a thrashing review – ▬╡ム尺フんu刀╞▬ on Orkut

* They have the patience to reply back to each person who comments on that review, just to make sure they arent embarassed.

A worser than trash site. – Venkat on Orkut

* Ignore Search India music reviews – this is their practice from long time – get hits by negative reviews – Hema & Deepak on Orkut

Source: Orkut (registration required)

May the force be with y’all. No, we (don’t) feel your pain.

Ponga da, sodha koodhingu (drink a soda) ;)