Amigos’ New Enemy – Software Coolies

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Aug 072010

Who’d have thought the U.S. government would draw upon the assistance of Indian software coolies to stem the inflow of amigos from across the Southern border. Here, read this excerpt from the NYT: A Senate bill approved Thursday night by unanimous consent would pay for more security along the Mexico border by raising fees for companies from India that operate in the United States and hire so many Indian workers that they have been criticized for violating the spirit of American immigration law. The $600 million spending bill would send 1,500 more Border Patrol agents, customs inspectors and other law […]

Le Petit Lieutenant Review – Fine Film

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Aug 072010

Now that we’ve turned off comments (Abhi, we’ll process your two pending comments) on this extraordinary blog to avoid distraction from the hoi polloi in our second shot at a short story, we find more time at hand. So, what do we do? Besides drinking more, of course (we’re already semi-high on a cocktail of Svedka Vodka and Deep Mango Juice, yes, available at your local Indian grocery store. Having finished one glass, we’re readying for the second. Alas, the juice is almost over so it’s a Bloody Mary this time round with Mo’pleez Agra Taj Dalmoth mixture on the […]