Mar 032011

(For Billy Wilder fans and SI Blog readers Guruprasad & Ganesh)

Long as we can remember, Marilyn Monroe has had a bewitching spell over us.

It was a spell she cast from her grave as our parents repeated old tales about Marilyn’s spellbinding beauty, her many lovers (including possibly President John F Kennedy and his brother Bobby Kennedy) and the sad circumstances of her premature death.

For years we drooled over pictures of her. The old black & white ones and the few color photos we could lay our hands on.

And finally, last night, as if by way of long overdue homage to the legendary beauty we watched our first Marilyn Monroe film – Some Like it Hot.

A Hoot

Considered one of the great comedies of all time, Some Like It Hot (1959) also features Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Joe Brown.

Directed by the nonpareil Billy Wilder (of Sunset Boulevard, Double Indemnity, Sabrina, Witness for the Prosecution and The Seven Year Itch fame), the movie was a hoot and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Continue reading »

Mar 032011

Batting first, Pakistan Terroristan scored a rather low 184-10.

Canada is batting now.

The match is being played at the Premadasa Stadium in Colombo.

We hope Terroristan bites the dust but we don’t think it’ll happen. Here’s hoping for the best.

Canada Batting

* 11:18AM – Pakistan was defending a low score and Canada had a good chance at one time. After 32 overs, Canada was 98-3 and had a solid chance of victory. Then they blew it.

The wickets started tumbling in quick succession thanks in part to superb bowling by Terroristan Captain Shahid Afridi who ended with an admirable 5-23. Great Job, Afridi.

The remaining seven wickets fell for a mere 40 runs. But the writing was on the wall after Zubin Surkari (27) and Jimmy Hansra (43) got out. Canada was just going through the motions of batting after the dismissal of Surkari and Hansra.

Canada could have created history today and they didn’t. What a shame!

* 11:14AM EST – Game Over. Henry Wasinde B Wahab Riaz. Canada 138-10. Terroristan wins by 46 Runs :( :(

* 11:10AM EST – What a shame! Terroristan will most likely win. Canada 136-9 after 42 overs.

* 11:08AM EST -Henry Ossinde new batsman in

* 11:05AM EST –Govinda Govinda. Balaji Rao (1) run out from Afridi’s throw Canada 134-9

* 11:02AM EST – Canada on verge of defeat 132-8 after 41 overs

* 11:00AM EST -Canada 131-8 Balaji struggling!

* 10:51AM EST – Balaji Rao new Canadian batsman in.

* 10:50AM EST – More Misery Afridi gets 5th Wicket. Tyson c Wahab Riaz b Afridi – Canada 130-8

* 10:47AM EST -Canada 125-7 after 38 overs. 60 runs to win from 72 balls.

* 10:45AM EST – Nice boundary by Tyson

* 10:44AM EST – Game Over for Canada? Looks like it. :(

* 10:43AM EST -Khurram Chohan new Canadian batsman in

* 10:41AM –  AFRIDI Strikes again. Harvir Baidwan b Afridi.  Canada 114-7

* 10:40AM EST – Canada under Tremendous pressure. Looks like Terroristan have the upper hand now.

* 10:38AM EST – DISASTER AGAIN. Jimmy Hansra (43) bowled by Afridi Canada – 114-6

* 10:36AM – On Tenterhooks now; Canada 113-5

* 10:34AM – Tyson Gordon new batsman in

* 10:32AM – TRAGEDY. :( Cheema bowled by Afridi. Canada 111-5

* 10:31AM EST -Nice boundary by Cheema :) 111-4

* 10:29AM EST – 106-4 after 34 overs. Canada needs 79 runs to win

* 10:27AM EST – Rizwan Cheema new batsman in

* 10:23AM EST – Disaster Another wicket down. Surkari (27) LBW Saeed Ajmal. Canada 104-4

* 10:19AM EST – First Six (Hansra). :) Canada 104-3 after 33 overs

* 10:19AM EST – Steady, Canada. Steady. Canada 98-3 after 32 overs

* 10:17AM EST – Very close shave. Not Out Decision stands.

* 10:09AM EST – Keep it up Canada. 92-3. Crush Terroristan.

* 10:07AM EST – 89-3. Canada needs 96 to win

* 10:04AM EST -Another boundary Canada – 86-3

* 9:58AM EST – Go Go Canada 78-3 after 26 overs. Surkari (28) and Hansra (21) Need 107 from 144 balls.

* 9:53AM EST – Another Boundary Canada 74-3 :)

* 9:51AM EST – Canada 70-3 after 24 overs. More boundaries would be nice.

* 9:47AM EST – Yippee. Another boundary Canada 65-3

* 9:43AM EST -Nice Boundary :)

* 9:42AM EST -Miserable. 56-3 after 22 overs.

* 9:40AM EST -54-3 @ end of 21st over. Need More Runs NOW.

* 9:35AM EST – Canada 50-3 after 20 overs. Run Rate is pitiful – 2.52per over

* 9:33AM EST -Asking rate goes up to 4.39 per over

* 9:28AM – Nice boundary by Jimmy Hansra. Canada 48-3.

* 9:27AM EST – Going is getting tougher for Canada.  Jimmy Hansra new batsman in.

* 9:25AM EST –Tragedy. Ashish Bagai gone LBW Afridi. Canada 44-3

* 9:24AM EST -44-2 after 17 overs. We Need Runs, guys.

* 9:18AM EST -Canada 41-2. They need 144 runs from 34 overs. Can they do it? We’re desperately praying!

* 9:11 AM – Nice boundary by Ashis Bagai off bowler Wahab Riaz. Canada 40-2

* 9:10AM EST -36 overs left: 185 to win

* 9:06AM EST – Canada 35-2 after 13 overs; Surkari on 10; Bagai on 8

* 9:03AM EST – 30-2 after 12 Overs. Canada Needs 185 to win

* 8:56AM EST – Canada 27-2 @ end of 11th Over. Still, the match can go either way.

* 8:50AM EST – Canada 25-2. Need some big hits to get the run rate up.

* 8:46AM EST – 23 for 2 after 8 overs

* 8:41AM EST – Close LBW decision. Canada 21-2

* 8:40 AM EST – Zubin Surkari and Ashish Bagai are at the crease now.