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Apr 062011

The gap between the rich and poor is increasing. Some are living to eat, while others are struggling to eat enough to be able to live.
– Social activist and a lonely voice for the Indian poor Anna Hazare, currently on a fast unto death to improve the proposed anti-corruption Lok Pal Bill. (Source: Zee News)

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  36 Responses to “Sticky: Quote of the Day – Anna Hazare”

  1. I hate these kind of people like Anna Hazare.

    They disprove my theory that every person in this world is a man eating selfish bastard.

    Why do people like Anna Hazare or Jayaprakash Narayan (Lok Satta) come in to existence in this stupid planet?

    ok, today i’m more cynical than the rest of the days. 😉 Responds:

    You write: I hate these kind of people like Anna Hazare. They disprove my theory that every person in this world is a man eating selfish bastard.

    Us too, sweetie. Us too.

    We dislike detest hate loath these Anna Hazares, Jayaprakash Narayans, Baba Amtes and Mother Teresas of India. To even see a mention of such people makes us sick to the core.

    Open the cages. Let loose the beasts Salman Khans, Sanjay Duts, Shiney Ahujas, Rajas. Let the party begin! 😉

    • dont forget Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Payal Rohatgi, Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Pandey.

      • and of course Karunanidhi. Responds:

        We long for the day when we can all refer to this monster in the past tense. :(

    • Twig’s comment/SI’s reply got black-marked 4 months after it was made.. 😀

      It was probably disliked by people who start various ‘Support Anna Hazare’ campaigns on FB just sitting on their couches..

      Stop disliking comments (that you didn’t even understand properly) and Jail Bharo, people Responds:

      You write: Twig’s comment/SI’s reply got black-marked 4 months after it was made..

      Fixed. 😉

      Sarcasm is lost on the Indian idiots.

      BTW, this page is getting the maximum views today because of the unsavory events in Delhi.

        • if you like aerosmith,you should try Billy Squire or “Heart”

          • Heard Barracuda and Stroke several times on radio.. I think I like Stroke better because it is recycled less number of times(than Barracuda) on radio.. or maybe because I am an MCP.

          • And I have played Lonely is the night on GH5. It is a pretty good song too. I like Aerosmith probably because Get a grip was one of the first albums in my collection – I started listening to songs in the English language as an excuse for preparing for the TOEFL exam..

   was a song that made me get a Meat Loaf album.

            Jail Bharo, people. (I am sure that some clueless Annatics will click on “Like” thinking that the rest of the comment is about Anna Hazare too).


            Even if Anna fasts and dies, things will not change easily in India because the soul of most Indians is corrupt to the core.

            What difference did Gandhi or his death make to India? ZERO, ZILCH, ZIP.

            A few middle-class, senior citizens and students with more time on their hands than they know what do with are getting their knickers in a twist over this corruption issue but diddly’s gonna change.

            Cynical as it may sound, it’s the truth.

            Corruption in India is not restricted to the Congress big-wigs. Au contraire, like the banyan tree it has taken deep roots and is as often seen in the stretched palms of the lowest government worker as in the highest Cabinet Minister.

            How do you cleanse the Indian soul? Well, even God cannot accomplish this herculean task. For this, we need Shaitan.

            Since the Congress party is full of stupid moth*uckas, it’ll be interesting to see how many mistakes they make in handling Anna.

          • My cynicism is even worse..

            I have my suspicions that Anna is doing this to become a legend.. as did Gandhi. Charlatans, who actually do good, while getting intoxicated by all the adulation. As I may have indicated before, I subscribe to Absurdism (because it is free).

            BTW, I have given up hope that you will do any more review of The Great Soul, so I put it hold twice at our local library and let the hold expire both times. :(
            It is freely available unlike the Tiger Mom book.. it is still booked like crazy. Wifey got hold of it after patiently waiting for her turn, enjoyed it and feels vindicated :) Did you read it?


            1. You can’t call people who ‘do’ good charlatans. That’s a contradiction in terms.

            2. Sorry about the unseemly delay on the full review.

            Tiger Mom, bits & pieces.

            Is she trying a ‘Tiger Mom’ on the kids at home? Will we see an Indian ‘Payum Puli Amma’ book from her 10 years from now after your kids become virtuosos in violin and get into Yale/Harvard. 😉

          • Afro Sai Baba also did good.. per wikipedia, Charlatan is a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception. My suspicion is that Gandhi/Anna’s deceptions are just verrrrrrrrrrry subtle..

            She (the wife) is not as Tigerish as Amy.. when it comes to musical instruments.. We do have high hopes 😉 I am scared of what Ivy League schools will do to my savings. Maybe I should stop wasting time like this and start making money.


            Stop trying to defend the indefensible.

            Anna Hazare is not a charlatan by any stretch of imagination.

            Anna is not engaging in any kinds of pretense or deception. If there had been any real dirt on him, the Congress scumbags would have unearthed it by now.

            BTW, unlike Sai Baba, we’ve not heard of Anna Hazare producing Seiko watches out of thin air!

          • I put out some verrrrrrrrry subtle disclaimers: The words cynicism and suspect were included to indicate that I am not averring that he is a charlatan.. 😉


            More junk.

          • i concur,the original sai baba wasnt anything like that imposter


            Seiko-watch conjuring the recently departed Sai Baba may have been but he did considerable good through the hospital and water supply projects.

            Most likely, the later Sai Baba did more good than the earlier Sai Baba, i.e. Shirdi Sai Baba

          • Maybe materially he did, personally i prefer the elder Sai to the younger.

          • The original one was Shirdi, the later one was Shitty.. j/k (disclaimer)
            There is another Sathguru roaming in India.. Rama Dasa probably knows him too.. sadhguru jaggi vasudev .. seems to be a pretty cool sadhguru.. he plays soccer and rides harley davidson.


            You write: There is another Sathguru roaming in India…he plays soccer and rides harley davidson.

            Only in Incredible India!

          • jaggi vasudevji is a fairly decent guy from what i hear, I know a sunday school teacher in NW ohio who follows his teachings, also Gordon Ramsey did a special on Indian food where he stayed at Jaggi vasudevji’s ashram in Tamil Nadu so he doesnt seem too bad.

            What the heck is wrong with a satguru riding a Harley anyway?


            You write: What the heck is wrong with a satguru riding a Harley anyway?

            Hell, nothing wrong.

            Some Indian Swamijis even ride film starlets. 😉


      • the local indian student council is holding some kind of rally or something similar for anna today,dont know much details,here is flyer(I think it was already held)

  2. Just by another coincidence, I visit SI to write about Anna Hazare, only to see you have already made a post!!

    [When are you planning to watch V for Vendetta?]

    Btw, your link under related stories [Anna hazare Profile] does not work. Responds:

    Fixed the link. Thanks. 😛

    V for Vendetta, by the coming Mon or Tue.

  3. This is what Rajinikanth also said in Sivaji. “Ritch get ritcher. Poover get pooverer.” 😉 Responds:

    And the former Bus conductor became a billionaire mouthing such nonsense. Only in Incredible India.

  4. Amir Khan is the first film star to raise voice for Anna Hazare. More would join. Hope he doesnt collapse.

    Y do u say u loathe him? Responds:

    1. Who gives a f*ck for Aamir Khan, a beneficiary of theft (Ghajini)!

    2. You write: Y do u say u loathe him?

    Because Anna Hazare seems like a good man.

    Hey, we were being sarcastic when we said we loath Anna Hazare. Obviously, the sarcasm isn’t working if you took it seriously or you didn’t read the next sentence about opening the cages….. :(

  5. Despicable me thought Anna was a christian machinery. Responds:

    But a 71-year-old ‘machinery.’

    Real name – Kisan Bapat Baburao Hazare.

    Anna, we guess is a honorific.

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  6. India and Indians have been corrupted to such a great level that it is now in the gene. It is hard to believe that even 1 MP or MLA in India has a clear conscience on corruption. In such a pathetic state why would any Minister improve an anti-corruption bill?

    Mr. Hazare is doing something noble but will his sacrifice become the change? Responds:

    Screw Anna Hazare, India Sees 46% Rise in Private Jets in 3 Years

  7. After 100 hours of Fasting…..Anna Hazare ends his fast after Govt of India gave in to the demands and issued a Notification in The Gazette of India to constitute a Drafting Committee comprising of 50 : 50 of representatives of Government and the Civil Society. A Great victory for the people of India.!

    It must be for the first time in post independence India that the common man of the country has achieved a success in making the Government succumb to his demands, by a nationwide mass movement in a non-violent, peaceful, satyagraha way.

    It was heartening to see even NRIs from the USA taking a peaceful march and join in this struggle, proving that, as you always say, you can take an Indian out of India but not the Indianess out of an Indian.

    Mera Bharat Mahan ! Jai Hind.! Responds:

    Good News! But before we start rejoicing, we should wait and see how it’ll be implemented.

    There is no shortage of legislation and rules in India, it’s their implementation that’s often found wanting.

    Now, if only someone would fast to get rid of that corporation Karunanidhi & Sons. :(

  8. There has been an overwhelming support for Anna Hazare. Thousands of posts in facebook and twitter, supporting and ‘liking’. But how many of these people have read the entire Jan Lokpal bill. How many of them do you thing understand the pros and cons the bill?

    I personally get annoyed when all people do is change facebook picture and soundly argue that they support for the cause. But when you ask couple of questions about the bill, you get everything except the right answer. 😐 Responds:

    Anna Hazare may be a decent soul but the problem is 99% of Indians are Sick F*cks!

    • “but the problem is 99% of Indians are Sick F*cks”

      what makes you tell that? 99% is a billion people! Responds:

      A nation with the following Twitter stats must be 100% sick:

      * Sonam Kapoor – 444,694 followers
      * Genelia D’Spuza – 298,494 followers
      * Abhishek bachchan – 490,497 followers
      * Preity Zinta – 572,586 followers
      * Deepika Padukone – 640,419 followers
      * Aaamir Khan – 629,384 followers

      • So what do you call a nation which has this below –

        Charlie Sheen – 3,531,213 followers. Responds:

        Stop your EB1 Green Card processing immly and book a ticket to a non-Charlie Sheen country. 😉

    • :) Was searching for Like link for this comment 😉

      Yes, I too noticed many people making comments in facebook, and many clicking Like links wherever they could. But the worst part is that they believe & satisfy with these acts, thinking they have done something to fight corruption. F**k the comments and Likes. Now the IPL has started, most people will be after it.

      One of my friends even made a comment that the current generation of youth definitely proved to have social awareness and responsibility than any other previous generations. Such is the illusion that was created in the past few days. In my opinion, today’s youth, when compared to its older generation’s counterparts, is not angry, aware & active enough. Those things always fade away when the society becomes advanced & addicted. Responds:

      Conversation between Boopalan & his son/daughter 25 years from now:

      Son/Daughter: Appa, what did you do during Anna Hazare’s bold hunger strike to rid India of the evil of corruption.

      Boopalan – I did a very brave thing in that glorious struggle against corruption. First, I moved my mouse a few millimeters to the left, then brought down my right index finger by a millimeter and finally clicked the left mouse button on ‘Like’.

      Left-Right-Left, it was a very hard thing to do to rid India of the corruption menace but finally I Clicked it.

      A small Click for Boopalan but a giant echo for India (Thank you, Neil Armstrong). 😉

  9. here is a quote of the day for SI to post:

    “You have heard no concepts of morality but the mystical or the social. … For centuries, the battle of morality was fought between those who claimed that your life belongs to God and those who claimed that it belongs to your neighbors–between those who preached that the good is self-sacrifice for the sake of ghosts in heaven and those who preached that the good is self-sacrifice for the sake of incompetents on earth. And no one came to say that your life belongs to you and that the good is to live it”.

    “”John Galt, in Atlas Shrugged Responds:

    Anna Hazare is a saint-like man…Ayn Rand was a egomaniacal, possessive weirdo.

  10. OFFTOPIC as usual: love this film Responds:

    Seen it. Decent

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