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May 112011

Chrome - Heart of Chromebook Computer All ye schmucks have heard of a notebook and netbook but does Chromebook ring a bell?

Most likely not given your Bollywooded and Kollywooded brains. ;)

Ain’t you putzheads lucky for y’all got SI to walk you through the thicket of technology.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebook is Google’s small form factor computer designed for the web.

At the core of Chromebook is Google’s web browser Chrome, which is said to have 160-million users currently.

Here’s what Chromebook promises:

* Boot faster. Say in about 8 seconds. That means your Facebook, blog and other online junk will load faster by about 45 seconds.

* Automatically update itself

* Support web standards including Flash (iPhone and iPad don’t support Flash)

* Come with Built-in WiFi and optional 3G Continue reading »

May 112011

[H]owever different an ape may fancy he is, the glory of the ape is that as he is now so he always has been, unchangeable and unchanged.
Higher Apes in the upper branches in The Ape p.284 from V.S. Pritchett Complete Collected Stories

We’ve read many short stories in a long life but The Ape is certainly one of the more interesting ones.

V.S. Pritchett is, of course, a fine storyteller.

We recently purchased his Complete Collected Stories and wading through it with great delight.

May 112011

It’s all fine and dandy to grandly name your restaurant Paradise Indian Cuisine.

But if your food turns out to be mediocre, you end up looking silly.

The sole consolation of our recent meal at Paradise (1660 Whitehead Court in Gwynn Oak, MD) was that only a few items were obscenely bad.

Cold Chutneys at Paradise

When an Indian restaurant shovels cold Chutneys to diners it’s a bad sign.

At Paradise, both the Coconut and Mint/Green Chutneys were cold.

Worse, Coconut Chutney was a tasteless abomination. There was no evidence any green chilies went into its preparation.

Thank God, the Mint Chutney was at least flavorful.

To make up for the tasteless, chili-less Coconut Chutney, Paradise’s chefs poured a ton of chilies in the Upma turning it into a spicy disaster.

Vegetable Biryani – A Travesty at Paradise

Paradise’s Vegetable Biryani was an impostor.

Far too dry, the Vegetable Biryani consisted mostly of onions. Also, the masala paste was not properly mixed into the rice resulting in clumps.

Paradise Palak Paneer – Raw Taste

Most vegetarian items had one problem or the other.

Sambar was low on tamarind and high on spices and black pepper.

Channa Masala in a watery sauce was flavorless.

Palak Paneer had a raw taste.

Paradise Indian Gwynn Oak

Paradise Batura and Naan – Rubbery

The two bread items we tried, Batura and Naan were rubbery and utter travesties.

Gobi Manchurian was slightly sour and crisper than it ought to be but, mercifully, still palatable.

Paradise Indian Cuisine Gwynn Oak, MD - Disappointing

Mostly Disappointing Meat Fare

Tandoori Chicken was badly marinated, too dry and plain awful.

The sour gravy for the Butter Chicken didn’t curry favor with us.

Fish Curry was easily the worst non-vegetarian item. Not in the least spicy, it had way too much turmeric powder.

Chicken Biryani was the best of the lot with a nice aroma and a decent taste.


Desserts at Paradise were a mixed bag.

The medium thick Semiya Payasam was hot and flavorful.

Paradise Indian Gwynn Oak MD - Disappointing
But the Mango Flan (ice-cream) was disappointing and had a slightly chemical taste.

Service – So So

As we walked into Paradise, the waiter gave us a dismayed look. Without a word of greeting, he escorted us to a table.

But the water glasses were filled with alacrity and the finished plates removed promptly.

Paradise Indian Cuisine – No Paradise

Given that much of the food turned out disappointing, does not recommend Paradise Indian cuisine.

Paradise Indian Cuisine in Gwynn Oak is certainly no paradise for lovers of Indian food.

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May 112011

Raj Rajaratnam - Galleon Hedge Fund ManagerSri Lankan Tamil hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam has been found guilty on all 14 counts of securities fraud and conspiracy by a 12-member jury in New York City.

Great day, folks. The Augean Stables of Wall Street are certainly ripe for a thorough cleansing.

Raj Rajaratnam is the most well known name to be convicted in the government’s current crackdown on insider trading on Wall Street.

Raj Rajaratnam, founder and head of the Galleon Fund, faces up to 19 and a half years in prison.

Of course, Rajaratnam will appeal his conviction.

Arrayed against Raj Rajaratnam was the prosecution team led by Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and his associates.

To make their case, the prosecution made extensive use of telephone taps and played the recorded calls to the jury.

When announcing the charges against Rajaratnam et al in October 2009, Bharara declared:

This case should be a wake up call for Wall Street. It should be a wake up call for every hedge fund manager and every Wall Street trader and every corporate executive who is even thinking about engaging in insider trading. As the defendants in this case have now learned the hard way, they may have been privy to a lot of confidential corporate information, but there was one secret they did not know: we were listening. Today, tomorrow, next week, the week after, privileged Wall Street insiders who are considering breaking the law will have to ask themselves one important question: Is law enforcement listening?

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