Sep 202011

(Recommended by SI Blog reader ‘Hari‘)

Most Indian movies are horror shows churned out by thieves and dodos, featuring murderers, convicts, rapists and retards and watched primarily by half-wits who can’t/won’t wank off without the crutch of a skimpily-clad Bollywood siren gyrating obscenely on the screen.

Mercifully, once in a rare blessed while, like the Halley’s Comet, we encounter a bright streak of light like film-maker Aparna Sen and Anurag Kashyap,  actors like Irrfan Khan, Naseeruddin Shah, Rahul Bose and Konkona Sen-Sharma and a small bunch of moviegoers who believe crass and class have completely different meanings in the dictionary.

Thanks to the suggestion of a SI reader, we happened to see one such decent film, Mr and Mrs Iyer (Konkona Sen-Sharma, Rahul Bose) on DVD the other day (via Netflix).

Directed by Konkona’s real-life mother Aparna Sen, the English language movie was released in 2002, shortly after the 9/11 attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Center and other violent incidents in different parts of the world.

The movie’s narrative is in English but occasionally strays into Tamil and Hindi.

Who are Mr and Mrs Iyer?

Mr and Mrs Iyer is a look at communalism, a murderous plague that often bedevils India, setting man against man and ravaging the landscape leaving behind a carpet of blood, tears and the broken shards of lives brutally cut short. Continue reading »

Sep 202011

We couldn’t be happier.

In a matter of weeks, the actions of the greedy chutias at Netflix have triggered a loss of $8 billion in the company’s market capitalization.

The online DVD rental and movie streaming firm’s shares have fallen over 50% from a high of $304.79 in mid-July to $143.75 on Monday.

Why the Crash?
Ever since the company jacked up its pricing by an unseemly 60% for customers of its DVD rental and streaming service a few weeks back , the company has been at the receiving end of customers’ ire.

As if hiking prices a whopping 60% were not bad enough, the company now plans to separate its DVD rental and streaming businesses into separate activities causing more inconvenience to customers who have signed up for both DVD and streaming.

Customers must now have separate accounts and logins because the two services will not be integrated. This is beyond ridiculous.

By the way, the DVD rental is being renamed while the streaming business will retain the Netflix moniker.

Netflix’ streaming collection is anemic but its DVD library is extensive comprising of Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood and other foreign films. The company has about 20,000 streaming titles and over 100,000 titles in its DVD library.