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Jul 042012

If most Indian movies are insufferable trash, American movies are increasingly soulless bilge these days.

Hollywood’s reliance on the computer gimmickry of Ironman, Spiderman, Superman, Batman or a vampire has become tiresome, at least to yours truly.

It seems European filmmakers are the only ones who still make movies centered around real-life people.

And more importantly, European films have a heart.

Since French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Danish filmmakers are not as flush with cash as Hollywood or Bollywood, they must perforce invest their movies with a story, one that can strike a chord with audiences, and soul-stirring acting.

My Piece of the Pie – Decent Stuff

This evening as part of my current fixation with European films, I sat down to watch the French movie Ma part du gâteau (My Piece of the Pie, 2011).

Cédric Klapisch directed and wrote the screenplay.

Klapisch is no stranger to moi.

I watched Klapisch’s Paris last year and was bowled away by it. Continue reading »