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Jul 182012

Fish require water.
You’re familiar with that concept?

– Fred Jones to Harriet Harriet Chetwode-Talbot in Salman Fishing in Yemen

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, what an odd name for a movie.

So different from Rowdy Rathore or Billa 2, isn’t it? 😉

Unusual Theme

But then the theme of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is pretty unusual too – introducing salmon, a fish native to the cold waters of the North Atlantic, into the hot Yemeni desert.

No kidding, the central theme of the film is a grand plan to introduce salmon into a place where the fish is least likely to survive.

Woven into that odd enterprise, the vision of a far-thinking wealthy Yemeni Sheikh (Egyptian actor Amr Waked), is a love story, two separations, cold political calculations and a nice comedy.

All, neatly put together.

Europeans still make the oddest, quaintest, finest movies with a moving story at its core – The Artist, The Intouchables and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen are but a few recent examples.

Americans have the big bucks but are losing the imaginative streak that’s the sine qua non of fine movies.

It’s that rare Hollywood film that touches the heart these days.

Strong Cast

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen pulls together a strong cast in Kristin Scott Thomas, Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt (I remember her from Devil Wears Prada) and wraps them up in an offbeat story helmed by Swedish director Lasse Hallström. Continue reading »

Jul 182012

Some of the greatest melodies in Hindi films are from Rajesh Khanna’s movies of the 1960s and 1970s – Aaradhana, Anand, Haathi Mera Saathi, Katoi Patang, Andaaz etc.

During my childhood, growing up in South India, songs from Rajesh Khanna’s movies were a constant presence in my life – on Radio Ceylon and Binaca Geet Mala.

Of all the fine songs, I swear I must have listened to Roop Tera Mastana and Mere Sapon Ki Rani a million times.

Both songs are from the 1969 hit Aaaradhana, a film that took Mere Bharat Mahaan by storm and made Rajesh Khanna India’s first Superstar.

As a romantic hero, Rajesh Khanna was unmatched in India. The rest were mere impostors.

Rajesh Khanna (69) died of cancer today at his home in Mumbai.

As a tribute and homage to the recently departed star, SI presents a few of the great Rajesh Khanna songs for your watching pleasure:

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