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Jul 252012

I have no idea why I picked the Chinese film Accident, a 2009 Hong Kong production, from among the thousands on Netflix Instant.

But I’m not complaining even if some parts of the film seemed ridiculous.

Although Accident is a crime thriller, things happen at a slow pace.

None of the frenetic momentum that’s de rigueur in a typical crime movie.

No screaming, no guns firing, no chasing after the victims, you won’t find any of that stuff here.

Pou-Soi Cheang is the director. Kam-Yuen Szeto and Lik-Kei Tang take credit for Accident’s screenplay.

Accident or Murder?

Chinese actor Louis Koo plays ‘The Brain,’ a murderer-for-hire who orchestrates his murders in such a way as to make them seem like accidents.

Cool, isn’t it?

No need to sweat about messy stuff like cops, investigations, arrests, courts or jail.

Meticulous attention is paid to the murders and nothing left to chance to prevent any suspicion that they were not accidents.

The murders are all presented as freak accidents.

High Gear

But life sometimes works in mysterious ways.

One night, “The Brain,” a highly suspicious and paranoid character who taps his assistants’ phones, narrowly escapes death from a runaway bus.

But the bus ends up killing Fatty, one of his assistants.

Ha ha, now ‘The Brain’ can’t help but wonder whether someone is plotting an ‘accident’ on him. Continue reading »