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Aug 062012

At a loose end Saturday, I headed to RedBox to check out the crappy Hollywood DVDs in the kiosk.

After endless scrolling, made worse by an impatient White trash family falling all over me, and just when I was about to call it quits, I hit upon 50/50.

I vaguely remembered reading good things about the movie in a previous (intoxicated) lifetime.

Alas, sobriety dulls the mind and I couldn’t remember much.

Still, I picked up the DVD since it was the best among the lot (and since I’d already watched Carnage).

50/50 – Bliss

Watching the film, I felt bubbles of joy ripple through my body.

Slowly at first and by the end of the film I was overwhelmed.

OMG, what a gorgeous film!

Do they still make such fine movies in Amreeka!

50/50 is one of the finest movies I’ve seen this year. No question about it.

Here I am watching with monotonous frequency all these trashy Indian films made by jokers and thieves for a nation of imbeciles and I’d missed the 50/50 gem for so long (the DVD came out in January).

100% Lovely

50/50 is a comedy, albeit a poignant one.

Written by Will Reiser based on his battle with cancer, 50/50 is a highly engaging account of a 27-year-old man Adam Lerner who discovers he has some rare form of cancer.

But this is no tearjerker of a man wasting away under the nauseating impact of chemotherapy.

Of course, there’s some pathos given the subject but there’s also lots of comic touches strewn throughout the film.

The interaction between Adam and the therapist Katherine or his friend Kyle’s suggestion to leverage cancer to get girls into bed are hilarious beyond words.

The writing is top-notch.

Jonathan Levine directed this gem, the title of which comes from the odds of survival of people with that cancer.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the role of the young man Adam Lerner with extraordinary elan.

I’d give Joseph Gordon-Levitt 11/10.

Those who’ve watched Dark Knight Rises will recognize Gordon-Levitt as the idealistic young New York policeman

Seth Rogen and Anna Kendrick, the other main characters, are no slouches in the acting department either.

Seth Rogen plays Adam’s selfish friend Kyle while Anna Kendrick, one of my Hollywood favorites after Up in the Air, is Adam’s inexperienced therapist Katherine McKay.

It’s this fine troika that forms the core of the movie with strong support from the Oscar winning actress Anjelica Huston as Adam’s mother Diane Lerner.

50/50 is one classy movie. strongly recommends you rush out now to the nearest RedBox kiosk or log on to Netflix and add the DVD and move it to the top of your list.

Guys, 50/50 is that good.

  4 Responses to “50/50 Review – 100% Lovely”

  1. Loved dis movie….but forgot to recommend it….sincere apologies Responds:

    What a gem!

    Did you watch it in the theater? These movies deserve encouragement. I don’t think it had a wide release in the U.S

    I’d be surprised if it even had a theatrical release in India.

  2. not in theatre…i hadn’t even heard abt the movie until its dvd release…..even now very few hav actually watchd it….dont understand y they give limited release for such gems….one such movie is ‘A Man From Earth’, which i had recommended…..if i’m not wrong, that movie didnt even get a theatrical release…..

  3. I absolutely loved this movie. Awe-f***ing-some.

    One thing about this movie is – they deal with cancer, but every event moves in a hilarious way. No one coughs madly and vomits blood – as Indian films would depict it generally.

    On the acting side, every one did a very-good job. There is no one else you can think of, as a replacement for these characters now.

    • Did you have any favorite moments / dialogs in the movie? Responds:

      1. The interactions between our hero Adam and his therapist/shrink Katherine (Anna Kendrick) were my favorite moments in the film.

      I thought they were superb.

      2. Next review on SI, say in about an hour or so – Aval Oru Thodar Kathai.

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