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Aug 102012

Hey schmuck, yes, I’m talkin to you – Jason Bourne is not indispensable in Bourne Legacy.

Nor are Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass must-haves.

Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and director Tony Gilroy will do just fine.

I must confess that after scanning all the negative reviews, I did harbor some trepidation before entering the theatre.

But thankfully my fears proved groundless.

Bourne Legacy turned out to be a delightful, fast-paced movie, jumping from Alaska to Bethesda (MD) to Reston (VA) to Washington DC to Chicago to NYC to Seoul to London to Karachi and Manila.

Right Balance

It’s a shame that a lot of critics unjustly slammed the latest Bourne movie, partly on the ground that its hero Jeremy Renner (of Hurt Locker fame) is no Matt Damon.

And partly because they claim there’s not enough action and that the new Bourne director Tony Gilroy is no patch on Paul Greengrass.

Good Lord, just because it’s an action movie, must we be subjected ad infinitum to the hero jumping from rooftop to rooftop in third world slums, shooting and being shot at, chasing bad guys and being chased.

Bourne Legacy comes with a good dose of action, and strikes the right balance between the running, shooting and chasing and the calmer moments. Continue reading »