Ek Tha Khooni – Whaddaya Think?

Tiger? Ha ha ha In less than 36-hours, Salman ‘Murderer‘ Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger will debut on movie screens worldwide. Unless there’s a meteor strike on Planet Earth, Ek Tha Tiger will rewrite the box office books in India. It doesn’t matter one whit whether the movie is a work of art or a numbing […]

Daredevil – Is Vikram Stealing this Junk?

(For Dr.Logu) Tamil cinema’s ace thief Vikram Kennedy is a desperate man. The schlockmeister of Kollywood has not had a decent hit in a million years. His recent movies like Bheema, Rajapattai and Deiva Thirumagal were either plain awful or outright theft. The audience is giving him the cold shoulder. He’s seething with rage seeing […]