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Sep 052012

  11 Responses to “Horrible Clip – Don’t Watch This”

  1. Comparable to :-) Responds:

    Clint Eastwood would kill himself desert the Republican Party and embrace the Democrats if he were to watch the video in your link!

    BTW, TR’s spawn Simbhu is no better in the clowning department!

    • His RNC speech was ridiculous… talking to an empty chair! 😀 Responds:

      Two decades from now a biographer will report that Clint’s dementia/Alzheimer’s first surfaced in August 2012.

    • Hilarious clip (TR’s that is)!

      It is interesting how the coffee/dosa master in the background at 0:46 does not give a flying f$ck to the mayhem in front of him. Responds:


      Truly, this must be the most hilarious bad-ass ‘fight’ scene in Indian movies!

      • From what I understand, this movie was an outstanding commercial success.

        The Tamil film industry probably offers a rich cornucopia of subject matter for several PhD theses in Sociology.

  2. 0:30 to 0:37 in the video (Naveen’s link)

    Wtf were they thinking when they made this scene? Responds:

    Since when did savages start thinking?

  3. Sri Devi looks better than Clint in Responds:

    Un‘f*cking’believable, the level of theft by Indians.

    Thank you, sweetie.

    That was a remarkable find. :)

    But the Tamil/Kamal Hassan version is so crude.

    Indians have no sense of originality or class. :(

    • Oh yes, I thought it was a familiar clip,and the link has been already posted.


      Even the acts of stupidity gets imported in the name of ishtyle. Responds:

      So you agree with me that the Hollywood hat shooting video is horrible?

    whats ur opinion of this song? Responds:

    Song per se is all right.

    Picturization of the song is decent for the first few seconds, then degrades into trash once the dancing starts and never recovers.

    Manisha is an awful, hideous dancer. Utterly graceless, charmless in her steps. Not one bit sensuous too, except for the initial few moments.

    The fine lyrics clash with the crass pictures.

    As is his wont, SRK acts like a baboon on steroids in this scene.

  5. “Picturization of the song is decent for the first few seconds”

    where Manisha is shown bathing?

    ~sigh~ 😛

    Btw, I love the song and I don’t find the picturization crude. Doesn’t make me puke like the one below Responds:

    Well, your link is the kind of beastly nonsense your countrymen so dearly love! If media reports are accurate, they turned Rowdy Rathore into a big hit. :(

    When we did the review of Rowdy Rathore, we used the same link that you did but inserted a warning: Viewer discretion advised because the video is ugly beyond description.

    In any case, Manisha was hardly the epitome of grace in the original link by Rakeshbaba. SRK was awful.

    • “Well, your link is the kind of beastly nonsense your countrymen so dearly love!”


      Comparitively Satrangi re is a classic 😛

      It’s been more than a decade I guess since I watched Dil Se. Remember to have liked the movie but don’t really remember anything about it except for the fine songs.

      Have u seen Dil Se before? Responds:

      Dil Se? No.


    What do u think of this? 😛 Responds:


    Kamal Hassan should have called the movie in question Thirutu La*dai K*bal given his propensity to profit from theft – Thenali, Manmadhan Ambu etc.

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