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Oct 262012

The next time you think of approaching a New York City policeman for help, think again!

Gilberto Valle, a 28-year-old New York City policeman, was arrested today for involvement in a plot to kidnap, cook and eat women.

It’s interesting that the arrest was made by FBI agents, suggesting that the New York Police Department was kept out of the loop out of fear of tipping the would-be cannibal Valle.

NYC Cop Planned to Cook & Eat WomenCannibal Cop Gilberto Valle

“I was thinking of tying her body onto some kind of apparatus…Cook her over a low heat, keep her alive as long as possible, ” he wrote to a co-conspirator.

Asked how big his oven was, Valle replied, “Big enough to fit one of these girls if I folded their legs.”

Cannibal Valle is being held without bail.

Valle’s estranged wife is said to have tipped off the FBI over bizarre and disturbing items on his computer.

And y’all thought Indian cops were bad?

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  2 Responses to “Cannibal in Blue – NYC Cop Plotted to Kidnap, Cook & Eat Women”

  1. Oh man this looks more horrible and disgusting than a asian psycho-cannibal movie
    take a look at the above link also,those disgusting chinese eat anything that crawls,flies or moves Responds:

    If, if the above is true it takes Chinese Cuisine to a whole new level.

    I’m sure it won’t be long before Chinese menus start displaying variations in ‘baby’ and ‘fetus’ cuisines – Schezuan style baby soup, Hunan style baby ribs, Hong Kong style baby noodles, Fujian style fetus Chowmein….. :(

    I suspect the report in your link may not be true but where Chinese cuisine is concerned, I have an ‘open’ mind. 😉

  2. “I was thinking of tying her body onto some kind of apparatus…Cook her over a low heat, keep her alive as long as “possible, ” he wrote to a co-conspirator.”

    Reminds me of Hannibal Lector. Responds:

    Yes, in the second film Hannibal where he cooks the drugged victim’s brain and feeds it to him for dinner.

    A morbid, disturbing scene.

    I’ll watch the film again.

    Nobody but Anthony Hopkins could have done Dr.Hannibal’s character so well!

    Remarkable actor.

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