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Dec 072012

If you go by the critics, Akshay Kumar’s latest film Khiladi 786 has as much to do with quality as NRI Telugu bidda Raghunandan Yandamuri with non-violence, which is zilch!

Released today, the Akshay Kumar-Asin-Mithun Chakraborty film is earning withering scorn from reviewers in India.

Here are excerpts from a sample of reviews of Khiladi 786:


Khiladi 786 has nothing new to offer. It is cut from the same cloth that have yielded many of Akshay Kumar’s recent vehicles….In short, it is another outright assault on the senses. The comedy is crass, the acting borders on the slapstick, and the general air that hangs over the film is one of utter lunacy. The loudness is accentuated manifold by an ear-splitting background score.


The hero here is blase, and seems to have no other ambition in life other than to get married. The heroine refuses to get married at first and then transforms into a docile woman who allows herself to be led by the men in her life. Nothing here is consistent — neither the story, nor the way the characters act….Akshay Kumar in this film is akin to Akshay Kumar in all his recent films. There is nothing new here. Asin needs a makeover and some acting and diction lessons.


Debutant director Ashish R Mohan does try, but everything becomes dim and dull because of a really weak script, with unacceptable dialogues which are constantly in bad taste, and a single-finger synthesiser which is utilised for filling in as background score…. This is a wannabe funny movie, an assault on our collective intellect.


Khiladi 786 is yet another one of those painfully non-sensical, supposedly comic ones that you’d hesitate calling a film.

Khiladi 786 actually makes it too easy for a viewer to rip it apart. Every department is so awful at its job that you could begin anywhere to criticize it and that would be the right place to start. From action to editing to music to acting to dialogue to choreography – all you want to do is tear-your-hair-apart, but since you can’t do that you just end up cringing.

Given the poor taste of most Indian moviegoers, I’d not be surprised in the least if this Khiladi 786 trash too joins the much ballyhooed Rs 100-crore club.

  5 Responses to “Khiladi 786 is Garbage, Say Critics”

  1. At least this should be a lesson to this clown who earlier mentioned that movies like Khiladi are the kind of movies he wants to do…

    He even said that the audience only wants such movies and he wouldn’t want to deprive them of what they like.

    I hope the movie fails miserably in the box office as well, but I guess that’s unlikely. Responds:

    Akshay is right. Our people love such movies. Witness the success of Thuppakki! :(

    The Indian love for garbage is unsurpassed.

    • “The Indian love for garbage is unsurpassed.”

      The only solution to this is that all Indian moviegoers must be confined to a remote island for 10 years, and must be shown movies of Hollywood, France, Korea, Denmark, Iran, etc, day in and day out. And don’t show them any bollywood movie for these 10 years.

      Then at the end of 10 years, show them one Akshay’s or Salman’s shitty movie. Only then will these neanderthals understand what garbage they’ve been fed for so many decades!!! Responds:

      Does the Ass ever realize it’s an Ass? ;)

      • “The only solution to this is that all Indian moviegoers must be confined to a remote island for 10 years, and must be shown movies of Hollywood, France, Korea, Denmark, Iran, etc, day in and day out. And don’t show them any bollywood movie for these 10 years. ”

        Most of them feed on junk.. Your solution will only make them die from starvation :( ..

        Btw, not everyone mate.. There are some sane minds who can differentiate between class and crass ;)

  2. This time Akshay doesn’t seem to be right, film opened to below the mark response in India. Responds:

    Words like ‘Below the Mark or ‘Low Response’ are so misleading in the Indian context because out of 1.2 billion people some 900 million are uncultured louts who’ll lap-up any garbage shoveled out by Akshay, Salman etc.

    The only sensible thing Indian movie fans have done right so far is to completely reject jackasses like Abhishek Bachchan, Fardeen Khan and Zayed Khan. Shows our people are not total louts.

    • Even the ex CJI seems to agree with the wise SI – Responds:

      But the last sentence in Markandey Katju’s speech makes no sense because trying to make Indians understand their follies, particularly on matters religion, is like dogs barking at the marching elephants or the angry man screaming at the Sun.

      Ain’t gonna make no difference.

      Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Jesus, Allah or even Markandey Katju….none of them can save these Indian idiots with dung-filled heads.

      It still beats me how people can believe in the God nonsense when there’s rampant injustice, cruelty and misery in the world, more so in Mera Bharat Mahaan.

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