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Nov 232011

By Naveen

If I am allowed to say one thing and one thing only about Hugo then it would be that the father of movie special effects was decorated and celebrated fittingly in 3D visual extravaganza.

Hugo is the movie adaptation of the novel “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick.

It is a Fantasy – Mystery – Drama directed by the Academy Award winning Martin Scorsese, who has given several riveting dramas such as “Taxi Driver”, “The Gangs of New York” and “The Departed” to name a few.

Hugo is co-produced by GK Films, Martin Scorsese and Johnny Depp.


Hugo is the story of a young orphan Hugo Cabret who hides and lives within the walls of the main Train Station in Paris.

Hugo is also the story of Georges Méliès, an illusionist who went on to become a film maker known for his path breaking work on special effects during the infancy of Cinema.

Hugo is also a narrative about the origins of Cinema Special Effects, which is now taken for granted.

The story is set after of World War I, probably in the late 1920’s.

Hugo’s father makes and fixes clocks. He comes across an automaton (Robot) in a broken condition begins to fix it for Hugo.

Soon he dies in a freak fire accident leaving behind Hugo as an orphan with Uncle Claude, who is a drunkard.

Uncle Claude takes Hugo to the Paris Train Station where he lives and enslaves him to maintain all the clocks in the station. Uncle Claude goes away leaving Hugo alone.

Hugo’s only purpose from that point is to use his dad’s notebook to fix the Robot while living a secluded and secret life within the dark dungeons and walls of the station.

Hugo steals mechanical toys (for its parts) from a Toy Shop run by George in the station and hides from the Station Master/Inspector, a cynical rude man who has lost a leg in the War.

One day George catches Hugo in the act and takes Hugo’s notebook. George and his wife Jeanne are “Godparents” of the adventure crazy Isabelle who Hugo befriends in his pursuit of the notebook.

Mysteriously Isabelle has the missing Key needed to make Hugo’s Robot work and gradually they discover together that the cantankerous Toy Shop owner “Papa” George is actually the visionary film maker Georges Méliès. Continue reading » (more…)