Nodamma Hudugi – Oh, What a Song!

The year was 1987.

A year of many momentous events:

* Dow Jones Index closed over 2,000 for the first time.

* Perl programming language came into being.

* One of my favorite British writers Alistair Maclean passed away.

* Work on the Channel Tunnel began.

* We had our first glimpse of a very backward Indian village.

* And Prema Loka, the lovely Kannada film was released.

Featuring Juhi Chawla and Ravichandran, Prema Loka was a smashing success.

Its songs were on every lip in Karnataka from Bangalore to Manvi (in Raichur district).

Our favorite song in Prema Loka was Nodamma Hudugi.

Juhi Chawla looks like a Million Dollars in the song.

See for yourself by viewing the above video.

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